The official PHP client library for the Kite Connect trading APIs
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The Kite Connect API PHP client

The official PHP client for communicating with the Kite Connect API.

Kite Connect is a set of REST-like APIs that expose many capabilities required to build a complete investment and trading platform. Execute orders in real time, manage user portfolio, stream live market data (WebSockets), and more, with the simple HTTP API collection.

Rainmatter (c) 2016. Licensed under the MIT License.



Download kiteconnect.php and include() it in your application.


    include dirname(__FILE__)."/kiteconnect.php";

    // Initialise.
    $kite = new KiteConnect("your_api_key");

    // Assuming you have obtained the `request_token`
    // after the auth flow redirect by redirecting the
    // user to $kite->login_url()
    try {
        $user = $kite->requestAccessToken("request_token_obtained", "your_api_secret");

        echo "Authentication successful. \n";

    } catch(Exception $e) {
        echo "Authentication failed: ".$e->getMessage();
        throw $e;

    echo $user->user_id." has logged in";

    // Get the list of positions.
    echo "Positions: \n";

    // Place order.
    $order_id = $kite->orderPlace([
        "tradingsymbol" => "INFY",
        "exchange" => "NSE",
        "quantity" => 1,
        "transaction_type" => "BUY",
        "order_type" => "MARKET",
        "product" => "NRML"
    ], "regular");

    echo "Order id is ".$order_id;

Refer to the PHP client documentation for the complete list of supported methods.


  • 2016-07-05 Added $parent_order_id to orderModify() and orderCancel() for multi-legged orders.