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This repo is now deprecated.

Please see for the current recommended approach.


Publish your Marp Presentation to GitHub Pages automatically using a GitHub Action.

🚀 Getting Started

Read through the setup instructions to learn the process. You'll be using this template repo as your starting point.

🔧 Configuration

The Action can be configured using environment variables:

Variable Required Description
GITHUB_REPOSITORY x The repo to publish the rendered slides to
GITHUB_TOKEN x An access to token that allows pushing to GITHUB_REPOSITORY
PUBLISH_TO_BRANCH x The branch to commit the slides on. Likely main or gh-pages
NO_FORCE_PUSH Per default the action force-pushes - when working with others, or other actions that commit to the same branch this can be set to true to ensure the Action fails rather than overwrites changes that happened while it ran. Defaults to false
COMMIT_MSG A message to use for the automated commit. Defaults to Marp Action Build
MARP_ARGS Any arguments to pass directly to marp

💻 Local development

docker build -t marp-action ./
docker run -t marp-action