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R package to access Adobe Analytics Reporting API

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R package to access Adobe Analytics REST Reporting API.

This package is meant as an "analyst's toolbox" of functions to get digital analytics data from Adobe Analytics into R for more advanced reporting and analysis. While there are a few administrative functions that provide insight into Report Suite structure (such as available eVars/props/segments/etc), this package is not meant to be used for Report Suite Administration.

This package requires R 2.15.2 or greater. Also, due to the number of package dependencies, it's probably best to update all packages before installing RSiteCatalyst. Package development was done (at minimum) on:

R 2.15.3
digest: 0.6.3
base64enc: 0.1-1
httr: 0.2
rjson: 0.2.12
plyr: 1.8
stringr: 0.6.2


2014-04-12: Version 1.3.3 submitted to CRAN

  • Additional bug fixes, improvement to error reporting to use API error messages.

NOTE: Version 1.3.3 will likely be the last update for this codebase; Adobe has released version 1.4 of the API, and newer versions of RSiteCatalyst will be updated against the newer version of the API.

2014-03-23: Version 1.3.2 submitted to CRAN

  • Fixed issues arising from upgrading to httr 0.3. Package behavior should be identical using v0.2 or v0.3 of httr.

2014-02-20: Version 1.3.1 submitted to CRAN

  • Fixed NAMESPACE issue to export real-time functions

2014-02-03: Version 1.3 submitted to CRAN

Changes in version 1.3 include

  • Fixed validate flag in JSON request to work correctly
  • Allow for variable API request timing in Queue functions
  • Search via regex functionality in QueueRanked/QueueTrended functions
  • Support for Realtime API reports: Overtime and one-element Ranked report
  • Deprecated GetAdminConsoleLog

2013-11-04: Version 1.2 submitted to CRAN

Changes in version 1.2 include

  • Removed RCurl package dependency
  • Changed argument order for GetAdminConsoleLog to avoid error when date not passed
  • Return proper numeric type for metric columns
  • Fixed bug in GetEVars function
  • Added validate:true flag to API to improve error reporting

Version 1.2 was developed on OSX Lion using R 3.0.2 & validated against OSX Lion, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows 7 64-bit SP1 and Windows 8.1 64-bit. Further validation against Windows 7 & Windows 8 is planned, but currently, there are no known issues with any operating system specifically, as there is no operating-system-specific code in this library.

2013-08-11: Version 1.1 submitted to CRAN (master branch in sync with CRAN submission).

Changes to version 1.1 include:

  • Support for correlations/sub-relations
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Current Data
  • Lower wait time between API calls/Extend number of API tries before report failure

2013-04-25: RSiteCatalyst is now available on CRAN.


To install the stable version, use the standard package installation method



To load this package from GitHub, use the following commands. Note, this should only be done if you want to test development versions of the package.

Install the devtools package:


And then run the install_github command:

install_github("RSiteCatalyst", "randyzwitch", ref = "master")


The Adobe Analytics Reporting API uses a "username/shared secret" method for authentication. This is done via the SCAuth function:

SCAuth("username:company", "shared_secret")

If your authentication is successful, you will receive a console message of "Authentication succeeded"

Package documentation

A video has been created to explain the main functions of the RSiteCatalyst package. You can access this video at

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