🏖️ PHP UK Bank Holidays lets developers easily retrieve UK bank holiday details.
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PHP UK Bank Holidays

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This library lets developers easily retrieve UK bank holiday details. Holidays can be retrieved for England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Information about these holidays can optionally be restricted by month or date.


To install, just run the following composer command.

composer require rapidwebltd/php-uk-bank-holidays

Remember to include the vendor/autoload.php file if your framework does not do this for you.


Retrieving bank holidays for a specific date can be done as follows. By default this will bring back holidays from England & Wales.

use RapidWeb\UkBankHolidays\Factories\UkBankHolidayFactory;

$holidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByDate(2017, 01, 2);


UKBankHoliday object

All UkBankHolidayFactory methods will return an array of UkBankHoliday objects. The following snippet shows an example object for the 2017 New Year's Day bank holiday, which occurs on the 2nd of January 2017.

array(1) {
  object(RapidWeb\UkBankHolidays\Objects\UkBankHoliday)#46 (4) {
    string(16) "New Year’s Day"
    string(10) "2017-01-02"
    string(14) "Substitute day"

This object contains a title for the holiday, the date it occurs, and government provided notes regarding the holiday, if available. All of these are publicly accessible.

Location restriction

If you wish to retrieve bank holidays from Scotland or Northern Ireland, make use of the 4th optional argument, as follows.

$englandWalesHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByDate(2017, 01, 2, 'england-and-wales');
$scotlandHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByDate(2017, 01, 2, 'scotland');
$northernIrelandHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByDate(2017, 01, 2, 'northern-ireland');

$allHolidays = array_merge($englandWalesHolidays, $scotlandHolidays, $northernIrelandHolidays);

Date-based restrictions

You can use this library to retrieve all holidays or alternatively holidays restricted by month or date. This is easily done using the getAll, getByMonth and getByDate methods respectively.

See the following examples.

$allHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getAll();
$januaryHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByMonth(2017, 01);
$newYearsHolidays = UkBankHolidayFactory::getByDate(2017, 01, 2);

All of these methods accept an additional optional argument to specify the location of the holidays you wish to retrieve. For more details, see the location restriction section above.