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A simple IRC trivia bot written in python using twisted.
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A simple IRC trivia bot written in python using twisted.


Simple implementation. Questions are ` formatted in plain text files.

Configurable colored text to help differentiate game text from user text.

Event driven implementation: uses very little cycles.


triviabot uses a and comes with an example for you to tweak and use.

Questions exist in files under $BOTDIR/questions. Each round, a file is selected at random, then a line is selected at random from the file.

The answer is then masked and the question is asked. Periodically, the bot will ask the current question again and unmask a letter. This happens three times before the answer is revealed.

What the bot doesn't do.

  • It doesn't have multiple answers to a question. It shows you the format. Part of the game is to match its formatting.

  • Have error-free questions: the questions come from other bot implementations which themselves had horrible typos. There needs to be an army of editors to go through the 350+k lines and format them to the standard format for the bot. The bot was written to catch malformed questions so it wouldn't crash, but if it technically matches ` there's no way for the bot to understand that's not part of the question.


Look at the issues. Pull requests welcome.

Contact, Support, Development:

Quakenet IRC - #triviabot-dev

GitHub Issues/Tickets


Released under the GPLv3.

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