☄️ Simple but effective sorting and filtering for Emacs.
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prescient.el: simple but effective sorting and filtering for Emacs.


prescient.el is a library which sorts and filters lists of candidates, such as appear when you use a package like Ivy or Company. Extension packages such as ivy-prescient.el and company-prescient.el adapt the library for usage with various frameworks.

As compared to other packages which accomplish similar tasks, including IDO, Ivy, Helm, Smex, Flx, Historian, and Company-Statistics, prescient.el aims to be simpler, more predictable, and faster.


prescient.el is available on MELPA as three separate packages:

The easiest way to install these packages is using straight.el:

(straight-use-package 'prescient)
(straight-use-package 'ivy-prescient)
(straight-use-package 'company-prescient)

However, you may install using any other package manager if you prefer.


To cause Ivy to use prescient.el sorting and filtering, enable ivy-prescient-mode. To cause Company to use prescient.el sorting, enable company-prescient-mode. To cause your usage statistics to be saved between Emacs sessions, enable prescient-persist-mode.


prescient.el takes as input a list of candidates, and a query that you type. The query is first split on spaces into subqueries (two consecutive spaces match a literal space). Each subquery filters the candidates because it must match as either a substring of the candidate or as an initialism (e.g. ffap matches find-file-at-point, and so does fa). The last few candidates you selected are displayed first, followed by the most frequently selected ones, and then the remaining candidates are sorted by length.

If you don't like the algorithm used for filtering, you can choose a different one by customizing prescient-filter-method. For Ivy, you can set up keybindings for changing this value on the fly by customizing ivy-prescient-filter-method-keys; by default, you can toggle between substring/initialism matching and regexp matching by pressing C-c C-r.


  • prescient-history-length: The number of recently selected candidates that are remembered and displayed at the top of the list.

  • prescient-frequency-decay: prescient.el keeps a "frequency" for each selected candidate, which is incremented by one each time you select the candidate. To keep things tidy, frequencies are multiplied by this variable's value each time you select a new candidate, so they decrease over time.

  • prescient-frequency-threshold: Once the frequency for an infrequently used command falls below the value of this variable, prescient.el forgets about it.

  • prescient-save-file: Where to save statistics that are persisted between Emacs sessions when prescient-persist-mode is active. The default value follows the conventions of no-littering.

  • prescient-filter-method: Which algorithm to use for filtering candidates. The default is literal+initialism as described above, but you can also use substring matching, initialism matching, regexp matching, or fuzzy matching. See the docstring for full details.

  • ivy-prescient-excluded-commands: Some commands, like swiper, don't benefit from prescient.el sorting, so their usage statistics just pollute the save file. You can tell prescient.el about them here.

  • ivy-prescient-sort-commands: Some Counsel commands, like counsel-find-library, intentionally disable sorting for their candidates. You can override this preference and re-enable sorting by adding such commands here. (To check if a command disables sorting, inspect its source code and see if it calls ivy-read with a nil value for the :sort keyword argument.)

  • ivy-prescient-filter-method-keys: This is an alist which ivy-prescient.el uses to establish additional temporary bindings in ivy-minibuffer-map. These bindings allow you to quickly change the value of prescient-filter-method while inside Ivy. See the docstring for information about the format of this alist.

  • ivy-prescient-persist-filter-method: If non-nil, then changes made to prescient-filter-method while Ivy is active persist until the next time you use Ivy, instead of being reset once you leave.

  • ivy-prescient-retain-classic-highlighting: By default, the highlighting behavior of ivy-prescient.el is slightly different from Ivy's highlighting for ivy--regex-ignore-order. You can recover the original behavior by customizing this user option; see the docstring for more details.

Known bugs

If you are using release 0.10.0 of Ivy, you will notice a number of bugs and significantly degraded functionality. To fix these, please upgrade to the latest master branch of Ivy as of July 3, 2018 or wait for a new release of Ivy.