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File Templates/Cappuccino
Project Templates/Cappuccino/Cappuccino XIB based Application
Target Templates/Cappuccino


Xcode extensions for Cappuccino and Objective-J

Before you can use the following templates, you need to install the developer
tools from or the Cappuccino repository on GitHub


In order to use the extensions you have to copy the folders

  • File Templates
  • Project Templates
  • Specifications
  • Target Templates

to the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/

If you got rake installed, you can copy the files by running

rake install

Custom Build Target Keys

Key Value Default Values
CAPP_FRAMEWORKS_PATH Cappuccino frameworks folder /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks
CAPP_BIN_PATH Cappuccino binary folder /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/bin
OBJJ_BIN_PATH Objective-J binaries folder /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/bin
OBJJ_RUNTIME_PATH Objective-J Frameworks folder /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/Frameworks
CUSTOM_FRAMEWORKS whitespace separated list of files/folders
that needs to be copied into the Project Frameworks folder
/MyFrameworks/CoreData /MoreFrameworks/LPKit
BROWSER_APP_NAME Browser app bundle name
LINK_FRAMEWORKS YES or NO If YES the Frameworks will linked into your Project
DEBUG YES or NO If YES copy just debug frameworks from capp and objj

If your leave a value for key blank the build script search for the latest version on your local maschine, and hopefully with a result :-)

Syntax Coloring

The syntax coloring has been taken from araxara

If you need the latest version check out