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What is this?

升级 is a popular Chinese trick-taking playing card game, also known as tractor, finding friends, fighting for 100 points, 80 points, etc. Rules are available here. Due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, I've been unable to play the this game in person... so I figured an online version would be worthwhile.


cd frontend && yarn build && cd .. && cd backend && cargo run

The server is a self-contained static binary and does not terminate TLS. It listens on, and should only be exposed to an external network behind a proxy that supports both HTTP and WebSocket protocols (only tested with nginx).


cd frontend && yarn watch
cd backend && cargo run --features dynamic

Generating JSON

A mapping of card data is generated from the server. It's checked in at src/generated/cards.json. To update it, start up the server and run

yarn download-cards-json


To format frontend code:

# Dry-run/check
yarn prettier --check

# Fix files, will overwrite files
yarn prettier --write


To run tslint:

cd frontend && yarn lint

And clippy:

cargo clippy


To run tests:


cd frontend && yarn test


cargo test

Technical details

The entire state of each game is stored in the memory of the server process. Restarting the game kicks all players, and games are automatically closed when all players have disconnected. The bulk of the game logic is implemented in the server, but players are expected to keep each other in check -- the server does not validate moves in their entirety.

For simplicity, the game is written in Rust and Javascript, linking in Warp as the WebSocket/HTTP server implementation and using React from a CDN.

Known issues

  • No mobile support
  • Incomplete validity checking for forced-plays
  • No player limit per game
  • No overall player limit

Play online!