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what is this?

gitstats is a simple script to read 'git log', run diffs, and generate
statistics on who is doing what over the life of a Git repository.

The information gitstats generates is in two primary facets: which individuals
are doing the work, and which organisations do those individuals come from.

The raw output from gitstats isn't perfect (obviously) as some individuals
change email addresses, etc, but gitstats does make some effort to try keep
track of people.

Usual disclaimer about raw data applies, you should have insight into the real
situation behind the figures before trying to apply any sort of real
interpretation to it.

why php?

I'm sorry, I really am. But PHP is one of the scripting languages I'm most
familiar with (having used it for many years in many settings), so it's usually
the go-to language when I want to prototype something quickly. If my choice of
languages offends you, feel free to use something else.


patches, etc, are more than welcome. I wrote gitstats as a very quick hack to
fulfil a particular need/desire I had, and as such, the quality of the code
isn't great. I'll probably never fix that on my own, seeing as it *does* fulfil
my needs.

if you want to contact me, please mail: