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document the request for exported constant prefixes

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@@ -110,6 +110,30 @@ These changes are under consideration. They have not begun, and they
may not ever be made. These are proto-plans being considered and made
ready for deployment.
+Give Exported Constants Some Prefix(es)
+<Micksa> eep, poe uses yet another calling convention
+<Micksa> like:
+<Micksa> my ($kernel, $heap, $session) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, SESSION];
+<Fletch> that's the normal convention, it just doesn't hardcode what
+ order particular arguments will be passed
+<Micksa> it's, like, the 4th way I've seen so far for passing named
+ parameters.
+<Fletch> it's so that if calling order ever changes programs that use
+ the symbolic constants don't break
+<Fletch> it's really no different than say
+ `my($kernel,$heap)=@_[0,3]', just that the 0 and 3 come from
+ constant subs rather than magic numbers
+<Micksa> problem is, the symbolic constants are rather likely to
+ clash.
+<Fletch> maybe there could be an option to prefix them, like
+<Micksa> *shrug*
+That sounds like a good idea.
Change Internal Helpers To Static Functions

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