A simple OS X status bar menu wrapper for ShairPort / HairTunes
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ShairPortMenu v0.1

Robert Carlsen | robertcarlsen.net Announcement and binary


A simple OS X status bar menu wrapper for ShairPort / HairTunes

ShairPort is an open source AirPort Express emulator. Read more about ShairPort / HairTunes at the github site:


The above shairport repo is included as a submodule in this project. You will have to run: $ git submodule init $ git submodule update to initialize the submodule and checkout the latest files in your local copy of this repo. Follow the building instructions for ShairPort and hairtunes at the above link.


After much headache with getting the bundled copy of libao working...I've resorted to a system provided version. A simple installation with homebrew will work:

brew install libao

hairtunes also requires openssl/aes.h. homebrew can install and link that, too:

brew install openssl
brew link --force openssl

Otherwise, adjust the Library and Header searchpaths in the hairtunes xcodeproject to match your system configuration.


The Xcode project is pretty straightforward. Try to build and run and see what happens. Most of my cocoa experience is in iOS dev, so please forgive any glaring desktop cocoa snafus (though, kindly point out my folly so I can learn).

You should probably ensure that shairport.pl runs correctly on your system when launched standalone before troubleshooting issues with this menu widget.

Cheers! -Robert