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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this May 25, 2021


  • Uplink: Added network message prioritisation and improved file upload/download behavior
    to prevent timeouts in low-bandwidth situations
  • Uplink: Adjusted protocol parameters (e.g. increased timeouts) to further improve stability
  • Uplink: Fixed bugs causing rare stability issues on client and server side
  • Uplink: Improved client-side GUI behavior regarding connect/disconnect/retry
  • Improved logging of various network events, mostly on server side
  • Reduced the volume of low-level SSH events being logged


  • Optimizer: Fixed a bug that prevents the generic optimizer to fail for design variables of type vector
  • Optimizer: Fixed a bug in the generic optimizer get_start_value() API command that returned None


  • Minor documentation fix regarding component versions
  • Minor metadata, code, and JavaDoc cleanup
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Feb 12, 2021


  • Fixed a memory leak in the handling of incoming SSH/Uplink connections (present in RCE 10.2.1)

Library Changes

  • Upgraded Apache POI to 4.1.2 to fix a security issue
  • Upgraded XMLBeans to 3.1.0 (transitive dependency)


  • Added missing flag --expose in documentation of wf integrate
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Dec 10, 2020

Network (SSH, Uplink, and Remote Access Connections)

  • Improved event.log entries: added more information, especially regarding login
    events and opening/closing connections, and reduced the number of events;
    fixed cases where the end of a session was not always logged
  • Lowered timeout of SSH connections from 10 minutes to 1 minute for technical
    reasons; Note that this also affects interactive SSH sessions
  • Set an explicit limit of three login attempts per connection (currently hardcoded)

Library Changes

  • Upgraded OSHI to version 4.9.5, fixing a memory leak in long-running RCE instances
  • Removed the obsolete dom4j 1.x library


  • Rewrote section on installation in user guide to better explain
    signature handling


  • Extended validity of RCE signing key (unchanged fingerprint: 0xBA880CB39DC1CE34,
    new expiration date: December 2, 2022)
  • Reinstated commands keytool and sysmon, which were unavailable in 10.2.0
    by accident
  • Minor bugfixes
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Nov 18, 2020


  • Improved handling of (experimental) Uplink connections, improving robustness
    and preventing cases where account/client id combinations could remain blocked
    after disconnecting.
  • Improved reliability of the Uplink network connection GUI.
  • Changed GUI behavior (for all connection types): Double-clicking a network
    connection now triggers a connect/disconnect instead of opening the edit dialog.


  • Switch: Made it possible to configure multiple inputs, outputs and conditions
  • Output Writer: Added a configuration option to allow overwriting files and
    directories if necessary
  • Output Writer: Fixed validation and minor GUI bugs
  • Design of Experiments: Fixed/improved validation messages

Scripting (General)

  • Extended the Script API so that Python input parameter files can be written during
    workflow runs ("Input File Factory"), including tool pre/post scripts.

Python Agent

  • Script: Added the first version of the experimental "Python Agent" option. Instead
    of starting a new Python interpreter on each execution, this option starts a
    long-running Python process that executes scripts on demand. This can significantly
    speed up workflows that use a lot of individual scripts.

Workflow as Component

  • (experimental) Added a first version of Workflow as Component, a feature that allows
    wrapping and publishing whole workflows as virtual components/tools. Please
    note that this feature is currently only available via console commands. GUI
    support is planned in future releases.


  • Added the first version of a compact "event log" in the profile directory.
    This file gives a concise overview of relevant system events, for example connection
    attempts or disconnects. Currently, this is mostly useful for server instances. The
    number of events being logged will be expanded in future releases.

  • (experimental) SSH accounts can now be edited at runtime through a separate
    configuration which is reloaded on changes. This feature will be documented when it
    is considered stable, as some details are still subject to change. If you want to
    use this already, please contact us for details.


  • Adapted the deprecated SSH Remote Access API to make a C/C++ library using it
    work with RCE 10.x again.
  • Deleted outdated developer documentation
  • Minor other bugfixes
  • Minor documentation improvements
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Jul 2, 2020


  • Fixed a rare issue with Uplink connections that caused remote tool execution to fail

Security and Third-Party Libraries

  • Upgraded to Jackson 2.11.1, Bouncy Castle 1.65.01, ActiveMQ 5.3.13,
    Apache SSHD 2.5.0, and Commons Collections 4.4


  • Minor documentation fixes
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this May 26, 2020

Profile Management and UI

  • Added recently used profiles to the default profile selection menu
  • Fixed bug in the profile selection menu that the correct versions will be displayed for recently used profiles
  • Fixed bug when upgrading profiles

Data Management

  • Added warning in case of directory names that are not valid on all platforms
  • Fixed bug in the output writer that the file extension will be transferred correctly

Tool Integration

  • Fixed bug in the tool execution that occured on Windows for "execution commands" that begin and end with a quotation mark
  • Made integration more robust against errors in individual integrations

Workflow Example Project

  • Added example file for CPACS 3


  • Replaced the previously used SIGAR library with the more up-to-date OSHI library
  • Updated the displayed information about RCE subprocesses to platform changes


  • Removed irrelevant log output on startup and shutdown
  • Fixed minor GUI bugs
  • Fixed a bug in "wf graph" console command

Internal Improvements

  • Updated the reference checkstyle version to 8.30
  • Updated Maven-checkstyle-plugin to 3.1.1
  • Updated Easymock to 4.2
  • Improved source compatibility with recent versions of Eclipse
  • Added "Automatic-Module-Name" bundle headers
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Nov 29, 2019

New Features

  • Implemented Welcome Screen
  • Implemented Icon Caching
  • Implemented experimental SSH uplink functionality
  • Implement file-based import of credentials and authorization groups
  • Let user display group ID for published components in network view
  • Allow users to rename logical nodes of an instance


  • Written first draft of Administrator Guide


  • Decreased size of serialization of WorkflowGraph
  • Perform icon scaling of integrated tools at integration time instead of execution time


  • Upgraded to Jackson 2,10,0, Apache SSHD 2.3.0, Commons-Compress 1.19, ActiveMQ 5.15.10, BouncyCastle 1.64, JSch 0.1.55
  • Extended BDD test coverage
  • Fixed installation of .deb package on Ubuntu systems
  • Fixed declared dependencies of .deb package


  • Fixed typo in logging message of InputLoader
  • Improved error messages in XPathLoader
  • Improved parsing of XML files by XML Loader
  • Improved user feedback on headless servers
  • Set command line flag for profile upgrade to --upgrade-profile
  • Prevented bursts of background task execution after suspending and resuming
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Aug 14, 2019

  • Fixed incorrect display of error messages in the tool integration wizard
  • Fixed a display error in the workflow data browser that occurred with very short tool executions
  • Fixed an error that allowed to edit preconfigured outputs of the Switch component
  • Fixed errorneous behavior when opening component help via the context menu
  • Minor other fixes
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Aug 14, 2019
Added source code of release 8.3.0

@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Aug 14, 2019

TiGL Viewer
  • Decoupled the distribution of TiGL Viewer from RCE (i.e., it is not included in RCE releases anymore)
  • Made the path of the TiGL Viewer configurable
  • Migrated all remaining uses of Jackson 1.x to Jackson 2.x (9.x.x backport)
  • Upgraded Jackson 2.9.8 to Jackson 2.9.9
  • Updated license information
  • Fixed minor NPEs
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