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Workflow Execution
  • Workflow execution is now robust against temporary network disconnects and overloaded instances
  • It is now explicitly verified that the workflow controller can access all components before starting a workflow
  • Added "wf show" command to open the runtime view of an executing workflow
  • Improved "wf details" command output
  • Improved general error handling
  • Added group-based authorization for components: Users can create any number of groups, invite each other, and publish their components for specific groups or make them public
  • Added a dialog for managing authorization groups
  • Added a 'Component Publishing' view. Here one can publish components either as public or assign them to specific authorization groups
  • Added console commands for managing authorization groups and component permissions
Tool Integration
  • Introduced stricter and more consistent naming rules for component ids/names, versions, and assigned group names. Note that local components that do not match these new rules must be renamed before they can be published again.
  • Added "export" option to download and store tool documentation
  • Added validation to already existing tool names
Remote Access
  • All published tools can now also be accessed over SSH connections
  • Tool documentation is now also accessible over SSH connections
  • Added "auto-reconnect" option for SSH connections
  • Enabled cancelling of remote tools
  • For workflows published for remote access, the Palette group can now be configured
  • Add a flag to the ra-publish command to prevent "Dispose on Success"
  • Added tolerance settings to evaluation memory
  • Enhanced placeholder validation and replacement in the output writers data sheet
  • New helper components 'SCP Input Loader' and 'SCP Output Collector' for remote access workflows.
  • The TiGL Viewer Component does now also accepts file types other than CPACS.
  • Upgraded the underlying Eclipse platform to Eclipse Photon
  • Switched to Java 8u161 as minimum runtime requirement
  • Upgraded to Jackson 2
  • Made RCE runnable on newer Windows platforms
  • Rearranged menus and menu items
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved Checkstyle ruleset
  • Upgraded .deb repository signatures to SHA-256
  • Made the internal secure storage more robust, and also usable in headless mode
  • Disabled GPG key import and Linux repository setup scripts until they can be properly updated
  • Added a solution for parallel handling of binary artifacts with SVN and Git-LFS, removing the need for post-release Git additions
  • Ensured proper build and Eclipse workspace import when checking out from the Git mirror repository
  • Made the "Test Script Runner" used for self-verification a standard part of all builds
  • Added SPDX-compliant license headers to all source files
  • Various GUI enhancements
  • Fixed a bug that forbid the result verification feature to work with CPACS tools
  • Fixed a bug that does not delete the working directory if the XML mapping of integrated CPACS tools fails
  • Fixed a bug which lead to leftover workflow files in the RCE temp directory
  • Fixed a bug which caused severe performance issues in the workflow execution wizard on GTK systems
  • Fixed erroneous "undo" behaviour for optimizer, script and design of experiments component and partially for database component
  • Various minor fixes
Profile Data Changes
  • Previous component publication entries in configuration.json and published.conf have no effect anymore. Use the new authorization system to re-publish these components as intended. You may need to delete the old publication entries manually to eliminate the (harmless) warnings on RCE startup.
  • Due to internal secure storage changes, any stored passwords, placeholder values, and Cluster Job Monitoring entries must be entered again.
  • There will be a dialog prompting for a profile upgrade upon first startup of RCE 9.0
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Nov 16, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Workflow Engine
  • Significantly reduced the RAM usage of workflow and component hosts
  • Added rate limiting for remote component initialization to prevent network timeouts in complex workflows
  • Fixed an issue that prevented workflows from being cancelled in the "preparing" state
  • Addressed several security issues by upgrading libraries and securing the way archives are unpacked internally ("Zip Slip" vulnerability)
  • Improved, compacted and reduced log output
  • Added unit tests for internal archive handling
  • Added automatic debug-level logging of large network messages
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Aug 21, 2018
added .gitlab-ci.yml and default build script

@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Nov 16, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • Upgraded external librariers (Apache MINA, SSHD) to fix an SSH connection issue that occurs due to changes in Java version 8u161
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Nov 16, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a bug in the Optimizer component. Lower and upper bounds were not applied properly when using the input data type Vector
  • Minor fix in the TiGL Viewer process handling
  • Minor logging and other internal improvements
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Jun 5, 2018
Added source code of release 8.2.2

@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Feb 6, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

  • Added a new workflow component 'XML Values' to read and write values from XML files
  • Improved UI support for exporting simulation data into projects
  • Fixed a performance issue in complex workflows with nested loops

SSH and Remote Access
  • Restored the default SSH inactivity timeout of 10 minutes which was accidentally set to 10 seconds in 8.1.0
Tool Integration
  • Added the missing 'Queue' input handling to dynamic inputs of integrated CPACS tools
  • New workflow component: XML Values
  • Enhanced the XPath chooser dialog
  • OutputWriter: Added UI support to set the root location relative to the current workspace
  • OutputWriter: When writing to a workspace relative root location a placeholder makes the location explicit; relative paths without this placeholder will be rejected in RCE 9 and later.
  • Added 'Import...' and 'Export...' menu entries to the file menu
  • Added the Command Console to the views that are openen by default with a fresh profile
  • Integrated PDF viewer (PDF4Eclipse): Set a different default renderer to enhance compatibility
  • Improved the sorting options of the Workflow Data Browser
  • Improved the Timeline view to avoid zooming and refreshing issues
  • Added Workflow Data Browser support for exporting to the currently selected folder in the Project Explorer
  • Fixed and improved the automatic separation of host and port when filling in the network connection dialog using copy-and-paste
Documentation and Help
  • Updated and improved the developer guide regarding Eclipse formatter settings and the Workspace Mechanic plugin
  • Fixed a performance issue with nested loops that caused workflows with large numbers of inputs/outputs to slow down drastically, sometimes resulting in time outs
  • Script components are now also properly reset within nested loops between loop iterations
  • Improved stability when shutting down RCE instances quickly after their startup
  • Added an internal BDD test scripting feature (still under development) with basic documentation
  • Added "--use-default-workspace" launch option for skipping the GUI workspace chooser dialog
  • Various improvements to the "Instance Management" feature (still in development), e.g. proper handling of aborted downloads
  • Improved TiGLViewer process handling to prevent UI freezes on first start
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of workflows with nested loops if there was a high number of connections between the components within the nested loop.
  • Fixed some rare unit test failures
  • Various code quality, log output, and build process improvements
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Feb 6, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

  • Internal improvements to enhance building RCE as an external developer
  • Improved and expanded the user and developer guides
  • Fixed bugs in fault tolerant loop's button activation and runtime behavior
  • Fixed a bug that caused tools and workflows executed via SSH connections to create an additional (incorrect) directory level when writing to an output
  • Fixed a bug in CPACS Tool Integration that caused tool imitation mode not to work properly
  • Several minor fixes
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@rmischke-dlr rmischke-dlr released this Feb 6, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

  • Bidirectional connections in a workflow are now separated to improve visual clarity
  • Added a dialog for profile selection at start up ("rce -p"), which also supports changing the default profile
  • Dropped support for 32-bit operating systems

Workflow Editor
  • Enhanced zooming capabilities
  • Changed depiction of bidirectional connections to two separate lines
  • Added functionality to export the workflow as an image file
  • A small icon in a component indicates if it runs "Local only" or in "Tool imitation run mode". That icon is now also shown in Runtime Workflow Editor.
DOE Component
  • Added capability to receive the table for custom table design method as input at runtime
Driver Components
  • Start values of forwarding inputs can now be declared as constant
Tool Integration
  • CPACS Tool Integration: Fixed logical path of output file existence check
  • Enhanced templates for CPACS tools
SSH / Remote Access
  • Fixed temporary SCP folders not being deleted after Remote Access sessions
  • Added option to customize the SSH session timeout (which must be set for RA tools that run longer than the default of 10 minutes)
  • Added a dialog to select a profile to start with (command line: "rce -p")
  • Improved error handling during startup
  • Fixed a startup crash issue when starting several RCE instances at once
  • Reduced disk activity on startup
  • Fixed a bug which assigned the wrong owner to a log file during installation of the RCE daemon
  • Fixed a bug which erased the selected target execution instance during a workflow update
  • Fixed an issue in the network view (Published components' subtree was not shown in some cases)
  • Fixed handling of expanded states of nodes in the Network View and Workflow Data Browser
  • Temporary files for remote tool access are now cleaned up after successful execution
  • Added an Eclipse-style popup for successful exports from Workflow Data Browser
  • Major changes to the source repository structure and the handling of external binaries (Dakota/TiGLViewer)
  • Completely removed support for 32-bit builds (which were only disabled before) for maintainability
  • Eliminated the need to copy the Dakota binaries to a temporary location on every start
  • Migrated the build process to JDK 8 and Maven >= 3.2.0 (which are now also required for building RCE)
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Jul 18, 2017
Added source code of release 8.1.0
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