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Octogray test

octgray is a theme for Octopress.


$ cd octopress
$ git submodule add .themes/octogray
$ .themes/octogray/ installs plugins and patches Gemfile, _config.yml and Rakefile, in addition to does rake install[octogray].

You will be asked if you want to apply patches to Gemfile, _config.yml and Rakefile.

If you want to keep current files, ignore and check these files in octogray later.

If you are using GitHub pages, do again:

$ rake setup_github_pages

This task is also updated and provides you alternative method of push: push_ex, which locates public/_deploy directories other than octopress directory.

It is very useful if you are using cloud storage, such Dropbox, for octopress directory, because many files in public/_deploy directories are updated during generate/deploy. Then, the computer will use much network resources.

In addition, push_ex refreshes remote repository every time, i.e. no history is remained in such GitHub page's repository.

Normally you have a history for source, and such history of page itself is rather annoying when you put something wrong by accident. (all history could be seen in GitHub web page.)

Additional tasks

task Description
css Update only style sheets.
gd Same as gen_deploy.
gen Same as generate.
gen_only Same as generate_only.
generate_only Generate only specified post (much faster). If no post is given, generate only the latest (of time stamp) post in source/_post.
go Same as generate_only.
ping Send ping to Web Search Engines.
preview_only Preview only specified (latest) post.
push_ex Deploy public directory to github pages through temporary deploy dir.
superfeedr Send to Superfeedr.
watch_only Watch only specified post.

More Information


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Current version is based on:

imathis/octopress at c434de5977c316c8406c00bb24221fa61ca8fe88