A skeleton command line program in Python.
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A skeleton command line program in Python.


This is a skeleton application which demonstrates how to properly structure a Python CLI application.

I've done my best to structure this in a way that makes sense for most users, but if you have any feedback, please open a Github issue and I'll take a look.

The idea with this project is that you should be able to use this as a template for building new CLI apps.

You can fork this project and customize it to your liking, or just use it as a reference.


If you've cloned this project, and want to install the library (and all development dependencies), the command you'll want to run is:

$ pip install -e .[test]

If you'd like to run all tests for this project (assuming you've written some), you would run the following command:

$ python setup.py test

This will trigger py.test, along with its popular coverage plugin.

Lastly, if you'd like to cut a new release of this CLI tool, and publish it to the Python Package Index (PyPI), you can do so by running:

$ python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
$ twine upload dist/*

This will build both a source tarball of your CLI tool, as well as a newer wheel build (and this will, by default, run on all platforms).

The twine upload command (which requires you to install the twine tool) will then securely upload your new package to PyPI so everyone in the world can use it!