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Simple Libraries to access the Rdio Web Service API
Java Python Ruby C# PHP JavaScript
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a set of simple clients libraries for Rdio's web API.

These libraries for Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js and Java implement the subset of OAuth that is required to talk to the Rdio service with minimal external dependencies.

Documentation is at: Examples for each language are under each language directory.


There is a testing framework that verifies that the languages implement request signing consistently in the tests directory.

To run the tests:

  1. Update ./java/examples/com/rdio/simple/examples/ to include your API keys.
  2. Run the following:
cd java
ant compile
cd ../tests
javac -cp ../java/classes


The test suite relies on the ruby-1.9 command to run the ruby test suite for version 1.9. If your default Ruby is 1.9, or you use a different command to access 1.9 (i.e. using rvm), then you'll need to comment out

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