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@robocoder I think this won't work as expected.

filterEntity can only deal with Annotated Entities, so with this case some of the form children will actually return just string values of the form fields. I believe in your case it might work as you are doing custom FormTypes with children. But its very specific to that case.

What i had imagined was actually to do this inside filterEntity, going down into properties searching for other entities, but I have to analyze the impact of that.

Does this solve the problem you have over there? If it does then i'll run some tests here and get this into the code, its not really much overhead.

Yes, it solves our problem, but it is only in DMS FilterBundle. A fix in DMS Filter would be preferable.


@robocoder a few years late, but do you have a testcase or a example with sub-entities i can look at? also, does this make sense to you?


@guilhermeblanco is this still a requirement for us?

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