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reMarkable AS

Better code, better paper, better thinking.


  1. linux Public

    Linux kernel for reMarkable 1 & 2. zero-sugar is rM2 and zero-gravitas is rM1.

    C 234 27

  2. uboot Public

    Our uboot version

    C 22 9

  3. epaper-qpa Public

    Just a quickly hacked together qpa based on qminimal

    C++ 6

  4. depixelator Public

    A small header-only c++ library to depixelize pixels to contours

    C++ 17 7

  5. quill Public

    Forked from CrimsonAS/quill

    A simple header-only c++ library for stroking along paths with variable width

    C++ 5 1

  6. To keep devices up to date

    C++ 14 6


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