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Checkbox component for React Native
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Note: checkbox doesn't support iOS. Please use Switch for iOS. If you think it is necessary to support iOS, please discuss here

React Native component used to select a single value from a range of values.

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RN version Checkbox version
> 0.60 0.3
< 0.60 0.2

Getting started

yarn add @react-native-community/checkbox


npm install @react-native-community/checkbox --save

Mostly automatic installation

From react-native >= 0.60 autolinking will take care of the link, just don't forget to run pod install after adding this pakage

for react-native =< 0.59.X

react-native link @react-native-community/checkbox

Manual installation

Manually link the library on Android


include ':react-native-community-checkbox'
project(':react-native-community-checkbox').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/@react-native-community/checkbox/android')


dependencies {
   implementation project(':react-native-community-checkbox')


On top, where imports are:

import com.reactnativecommunity.checkbox.ReactCheckBoxPackage;

Add the checkbox class to your list of exported packages.

protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
    return Arrays.asList(
            new MainReactPackage(),
            new ReactCheckBoxPackage()

Migrating from the core react-native module

This module was created when the CheckBox was split out from the core of React Native. To migrate to this module you need to follow the installation instructions above and then change you imports from:

import { CheckBox } from 'react-native';


import CheckBox from '@react-native-community/checkbox';



import CheckBox from '@react-native-community/checkbox';

Check out the example project for more examples.


View props...

Prop name Description
disabled If true the user won't be able to toggle the checkbox. Default value is false.
onChange Invoked on change with the native event.
onValueChange Invoked with the new boolean value when it changes.
value The value of the checkbox. If true the checkbox will be turned on. Default value is false.
tintColors An object with the following shape: { true?: ?ColorValue, false?: ?ColorValue }. The color value for true will be used when the checkbox is checked, and the color value for false will be used when it is off.
testID Used to locate this view in end-to-end tests.


This module was extracted from react-native core.


The library is released under the MIT licence. For more information see LICENSE.

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