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This navigator uses the Reanimated Transitions API to animate route change transitions. Aside from the animations, it is identical to the standard switch navigator.


  • Install react-native-reanimated >= 1.0.0 if you have not already (the alpha version will not work!). If you have a managed Expo project, you need to use >= SDK 33 to have the correct version of Reanimated.
  • Install react-navigation-animated-switch with your favorite JS package manager.


import createAnimatedSwitchNavigator from 'react-navigation-animated-switch';

const MySwitch = createAnimatedSwitchNavigator({
  Home: HomeScreen,
  Other: OtherScreen,

Ta da! When you change between routes the screens will cross-fade with each other. You can customize the transition using the transition prop:

import createAnimatedSwitchNavigator from 'react-navigation-animated-switch';
import { Transition } from 'react-native-reanimated';

const MySwitch = createAnimatedSwitchNavigator(
    Home: HomeScreen,
    Other: OtherScreen,
    transition: (
        <Transition.In type="fade" durationMs={500} />

Learn more about the Transition API here.

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