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React Navigation Tabs

Build Status Version MIT License

Tab navigators for React Navigation.


Follow the instructions on the the React Navigation "Getting Started" guide, and then add the react-navigation-tabs package to your project.


The package exports two different navigators:

  • createBottomTabNavigator: iOS like bottom tabs.
  • createMaterialTopTabNavigator: Material design themed top tabs with swipe gesture, from react-native-tab-view.

You can import individual navigators and use them:

import { createBottomTabNavigator } from 'react-navigation-tabs';

export default createBottomTabNavigator({
  Album: { screen: Album },
  Library: { screen: Library },
  History: { screen: History },
  Cart: { screen: Cart },

You can install another package, react-navigation-material-bottom-tabs, to use a third type of tab navigator:

  • createMaterialBottomTabNavigator: Material design themed animated bottom tabs, from react-native-paper.
import { createMaterialBottomTabNavigator } from 'react-navigation-material-bottom-tabs';

export default createMaterialBottomTabNavigator(
    Album: { screen: Album },
    Library: { screen: Library },
    History: { screen: History },
    Cart: { screen: Cart },
    initialRouteName: 'Album',
    activeTintColor: '#F44336',

Development workflow

To setup the development environment, open a Terminal in the repo directory and run the following:

yarn bootstrap

While developing, you can run the example app with Expo to test your changes:

yarn example start

Make sure your code passes TypeScript and ESLint. Run the following to verify:

yarn typescript
yarn lint

To fix formatting errors, run the following:

yarn lint --fix