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Australian Developer Events

We've collated a list of all the events in Australia that might be of interest to software developers. Technical content, leadership, software design, agility, and more.

Upcoming Events

Event Name State Date From Date To CFP Open CFP Close Tags
Global Diversity CFP Day WA 18-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020 Tech Talks
Global Diversity CFP Day VIC 18-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020 Tech Talks
Global Diversity CFP Day (Sydney) NSW 18-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020 Tech Talks
Global Diversity CFP Day (Newcastle) NSW 18-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020 Tech Talks
Global Diversity CFP Day QLD 18-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020 Tech Talks
Australian Accessibility Conference WA 11-Feb-2020 13-Feb-2020 Accessibility
Microsoft Ignite Tour NSW 13-Feb-2020 14-Feb-2020 Cloud Infrastructure
RubyConf VIC 20-Feb-2020 21-Feb-2020 8-Nov-2019 Ruby
ReactConf AU NSW 27-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 JavaScript, React
DevOps Talks Conference VIC 18-Mar-2020 20-Mar-2020 15-Jan-2020 DevOps
YOW! Data NSW 29-Apr-2020 1-May-2020 16-Feb-2020 Data
BSides Canberra ACT 1-May-2020 2-May-2020 15-Jan-2020 Security
Pivot Summit VIC 3-May-2020 4-May-2020 Various
YOW! Lambda Jam VIC 6-May-2020 8-May-2020 23-Feb-2020 Functional Programming
Web Directions Code Leaders VIC 03-Jun-2020 03-Jun-2020 Leadership
Web Directions Code VIC 04-Jun-2020 05-Jun-2020 Web
AgileAus 2020 NSW 15-Jun-2020 16-Jun-2020 Agile
Web Directions Product VIC 01-Jul-2020 02-Jul-2020 Product Design
Web Directions Design Leaders VIC 03-Jul-2020 03-Jul-2020 Leadership
NDC Melbourne 2020 online 27-Jul-2020 30-Jul-2020 01-Jan-2020 05-Apr-2020 Various
DataEngBytes 2020 online 20-Aug-2020 21-Aug-2020 01-Jun-2020 01-Jul-2020 Data Engineering, Machine Learning
ANZ ServerlessDays 2020 online 04-Sep-2020 04-Sep-2020 10-Jun-2020 02-Aug-2020 Serverless
PyConline AU 2020 online 04-Sep-2020 06-Sep-2020 18-Jun-2020 12-Jul-2020 Python
API Days Melbourne online 15-Sep-2020 16-Sep-2020 01-Feb-2020 NA Connection, Automation, Intelligence
NDC Sydney 2020 NSW 12-Oct-2020 16-Oct-2020 10-Feb-2020 07-Jun-2020 Various
Latency Conf 2020 WA 18-Nov-2020 19-Nov-2020 Open 16-Aug-2020 Cloud

Call For Presenters - Year Round

Event Name State Tags
Fenders WA Front End
Junior Dev WA and VIC

Completed Events

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Other Conferences

There are lists of conferences that others are compiling too. You can find them here.

Can I contribute, or add an event

Of course! We'd love you to! See the contribution guide for how.


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