Sbe Tool Guide

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The SBE tool is a command line utility that can be used to generate codecs and validate message declaration schemas. The tool is written in Java and can run as an executable JAR file, e.g:

$ java -jar sbe-all-1.8.7.jar <message-declarations-file.xml>

The tool will accept options using the system property option format as follows:

$ java [-Doption=value] -jar sbe-all-1.8.7.jar <message-declarations-file.xml>

The tool supports the following options:

  • sbe.validation.xsd: Use XSD to validate or not. XSD filename should be the provided option.
  • sbe.validation.stop.on.error: Should the parser stop on first error encountered? Defaults to false.
  • sbe.validation.warnings.fatal: Are warnings in parsing considered fatal? Defaults to false.
  • sbe.validation.suppress.output: Should the parser suppress output during validation? Defaults to false.
  • sbe.generate.stubs: Generate stubs or not. Defaults to true.
  • Target language for code generation, defaults to Java (also supports CPP and Golang). Additionally a fully qualified class name can be provided which implements
  • Generate IR or not. Defaults to false.
  • sbe.output.dir: Target directory for output generation, defaults to current directory.
  • Generate interface hierarchy or not. Defaults to false.
  • Buffer type to be used for the encoder stubs. This type needs to mutate the underlying buffer.
  • Buffer type to be used for the decoder stubs. This type only reads the underlying buffer.
  • Namespace to be used for generated code. Equates package for Java. If not provided then the package attribute from the schema will be used.
  • sbe.cpp.namespaces.collapse: Boolean to turn on or off collapsing of nested namespaces in generated C++ stubs. Defaults to false.
  • Should the GroupOrder annotation be generated, defaults to false.
  • sbe.keyword.append.token: String to append to schema tokens that collide with reserved words in the target language.
  • sbe.decode.unknown.enum.values: Support unknown decoded enum values..

The SBE tool can be used with Maven see

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