Python Wrapper for VulkanMemoryAllocator
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PyVMA is a wrapper for Vulkan Memory Allocator.

How to install


You can install directly pyvma with pip:

pip install pyvma

Manual install

You can install it manually if you want the latest version:

git clone
cd pyvma
python build
python install

How to use

PyVMA is designed as a plugin of the vulkan wrapper. It depends on it and installs it when you use pip. It follows the same conventions as vulkan wrapper.

How to update this wrapper

  • Update vk_mem_alloc.h
  • Run cpp -std=c99 -P -Iinclude -o cdef/vk_mem_alloc.cdef.h vk_mem_alloc.h
  • Remove first lines declaring basic types in vk_mem_alloc.cdef.h