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False positives for explicit_acl #2014

jdmarshall90 opened this Issue Jan 22, 2018 · 2 comments


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jdmarshall90 commented Jan 22, 2018

tl;dr: explicitly marked internal protocols are having their contents flagged as failing the explicit_acl rule, as is a deinit.

New Issue Checklist

Bug Report

Complete output when running SwiftLint, including the stack trace and command used
# running as a build phase
# note that I am using zshell
swiftlint lint --config "Carthage/Checkouts/MySwiftLintConfigRepoNameHere/.swiftlint.yml" 


  • SwiftLint version (run swiftlint version to be sure)?
    • 0.24.2
  • Installation method used (Homebrew, CocoaPods, building from source, etc)?
    • Download release .pkg from GitHub
  • Paste your configuration file:
  - array_init
  - attributes
  - class_delegate_protocol
  - closure_end_indentation
  - closure_spacing
  - compiler_protocol_init
  - contains_over_first_not_nil
  - empty_count
  - empty_parentheses_with_trailing_closure
  - explicit_acl
  - explicit_init
  - explicit_top_level_acl
  - fatal_error_message
  - first_where
  - force_unwrapping
  - generic_type_name
  - implicit_return
  - implicitly_unwrapped_optional
  - joined_default_parameter
  - large_tuple
  - let_var_whitespace
  - literal_expression_end_indentation
  - multiline_arguments
  - multiline_parameters
  - number_separator
  - no_grouping_extension
  - object_literal
  - operator_usage_whitespace
  - overridden_super_call
  - override_in_extension
  - private_action
  - prohibited_super_call
  - redundant_nil_coalescing
  - redundant_optional_initialization
  - redundant_void_return
  - shorthand_operator
  - single_test_class
  - sorted_first_last
  - sorted_imports
  - switch_case_on_newline
  - trailing_closure
  - unneeded_parentheses_in_closure_argument
  - valid_ibinspectable
  - vertical_parameter_alignment
  - vertical_parameter_alignment_on_call
  - vertical_whitespace
  - yoda_condition
  - nesting
  - notification_center_detachment
  - trailing_whitespace
  - line_length
  - operator_whitespace
  ignore_comment_only_lines: true
  warning: 300
  error: 500
  ignores_case_statements: true
  - Carthage/Checkouts
reporter: "xcode" # reporter type (xcode, json, csv, checkstyle, junit)
  - explicit_acl
  - explicit_top_level_acl
  - file_length
  - type_body_length
  • Which Xcode version are you using (check xcode-select -p)?
    • 9.2 (9C40b)
  • Do you have a sample that shows the issue?
// 26 warnings for this rule, all very similar to the following:
// (yet not *all* instances like this are flagged, only some)

internal class MyRedactedClass: NSObject, ProtocolOne, ProtocolTwo {
    // code above, each item explicitly marked as internal
    // This triggers a violation even though you can't mark deinits with an ACL:
    deinit {

    // code below each item explicitly marked as internal

internal protocol MyProtocol {
    // some properties get flagged as well
    var someValue: String { get set }

    // so does this even though you can't mark protocol contents with an ACL:
    func allTheThings() -> [MyType]

Also note that some of these false positives sometimes go away, but come right back on the next build. I have tried the --no-cache flag, but to no avail.


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jdmarshall90 commented Jan 26, 2018

Thank you!


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jdmarshall90 commented Jan 26, 2018

Any ETA on an official release containing this fix?

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