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A curated list of amazingly awesome Flarum extensions and resources.
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Awesome Flarum

A curated list of amazingly awesome Flarum extensions and resources.

Table of Contents


Some are not compatible with the latest version of Flarum.

  • [Archived] - This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
  • [2018] - Last updated in 2018.

Most likely not compatible with the latest version of Flarum. You need to modify it to be compatible.

  • [2017] - Last updated in 2017.
  • [2016] - Last updated in 2016.


Language Pack (🔝)

Flarum comes with an English language pack; however, the Flarum Community has produced a large number of translations other languages — find yours here.

Authentication & Authorization (🔝)

Discussion (🔝)

  • Advanced Pusher - See new discussions and posts in real-time using Pusher. This repo is modified based on flarum/pusher.
  • Auto More - Automatically clicks the 'load more' button when it comes into view.
  • BBBBCode - Big Beautiful BBCode.
  • Best Answer - Select post best answer.
  • Comic Sans - Turn text into Comic Sans for no reason.
  • Discussion views - Track how much times a discussion has been viewed.
  • Emoji Picker - Add EmojioneArea emoji picker.
  • Markdown Tables - Active markdown tables.
  • Spoiler BBCode - Adds a [Spoiler] BBCode.
  • Summaries - Show summaries on all discussions.
  • Super Sticky - Pin discussions to the top of the top of the list.
  • Userbars - Puts 5 randomly selected userbars under each post.
  • [2018] AirtableEmbed - Embed Airtable.
  • [2018] BBCode Alerts - Add visual alerts / warnings.
  • [2018] Emoji for BBCode WYSIWYG Editor - Convert text and unicode emoji into Twemoji. Only for BBCode WYSIWYG Editor extension.
  • [2018] Frontpage - Mark discussion as frontpage.
  • [2018] Geotags - Adds places for your posts (with editor button, list of places on each post and markdown string with name of place in text).
  • [2018] Old Title - Show the old title too if you change a discussion title.
  • [2018] ReFlar LaTeX - Renders LaTeX expressions.
  • [2018] Reply2See - Adds a reply to see BBCode.
  • [2018] Signature - Signature support to your forum.

Media (🔝)

Admin Area (🔝)

  • Bazaar - The marketplace extension that allows you to add and remove extensions without composer or a terminal.
  • Dashboard - This completely re-imagines the admin interface.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Adds keyboard shortcuts.
  • List Users - List registered users in admin panel.
  • Money - Give money to your users for different actions.
  • Notify - Get notified about forum activity in Slack, HipChat, Gitter or Telegram.
  • Syndication - Brings RSS and Atom feeds.
  • [2018] Flagrow Users List - Adds users list to admin panel.
  • [2018] ReFlar UnCache - Automatically clear the cache when you enable a new extension.

SEO (🔝)

Link (🔝)

Sharing (🔝)

  • [2018] Flarum Sharing - Adds share (to some popular social networks) buttons and <head> meta tags (Open Graph and Twitter card) to make links to your forum look better.
  • [2018] Topic Count - Send webhooks to your Discord server from your forum.
  • [Archived] Social Profile - Allows addition of social media pages to your profile.

User (🔝)

  • Contact - Add user contact information.
  • Online - Display online users on the left sidebar.
  • [2018] Flagrow Terms - Ask your users to accept TOS and privacy policy.
  • [2018] ReFlar Clean Profile Posts - Removes the initial posts of discussions from the user's profile posts list.

Mail (🔝)

Custom Page (🔝)

Theme Enhancements (🔝)

Others (🔝)

  • Algolia Search - Replace the default Flarum search with Algolia search.
  • Catch the fish - Watch your users catch as many fishes as they can.
  • Categories - Old school hierarchical categories.
  • Cookie Consent - Customizable cookie consent notice for your Flarum installation.
  • Flarum Multi Tenancy - Multi Tenancy for Flarum on single install and database.
  • Profile views - This is an extension for the flarum forum software where you can enable and track how much times a profile has been viewed.
  • Queue - Add asyn job queue handle feature to laravel with laravel queue.
  • Redis Connector - Allow user to bind with wechat.
  • ReFlar Level Ranks - Add a level/experience bar to your forum.
  • ReFlar Pwned Passwords - Check passwords against the Have I Been Pwned password database.
  • [2018] Flagrow Fonts - Easily add fonts.
  • [2018] Flagrow Serve - Add the serve command to Flarum. This will allow you to start Flarum into the PHP development server via a simple command.
  • [2018] Search - Allows to search by discusstion title.
  • [2018] Time Machine - Modify the time of your posts, user registrations and more by travelling back in time.
  • [2018] Web Push Notification - Adds Web Push notification feature to flarum with OneSignal service.
  • [Archived] ReFlar Koseki - Tidy up your forum with a structured hierarchical layout.


Utilities (🔝)

Mobile App (🔝)

  • Flario - Android client.
  • Flarum Community - A WebView based Android application which will embed your Flarum forum inside an application.
  • Flarum Mobile iOS - A WebView based iOS mobile application which will embed your Flarum forum inside an application.

Tutorials (🔝)


Found an awesome Flarum extension and and resource? Send me a pull request!

Guidelines (🔝)

  1. Please make an individual pull request for each suggestion
  2. Use the following format for links: [NAME](URL) - Description
  3. New categories or improvements to the existing categorization are welcome
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