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# Original script by Cockos (
# JFB mods: tailored for the SWS/S&M extension:
# - re-use rpr_ internal functions from reaper_python import
# - gets function pointers with rpr_getfp()
# - removed "RPR_" prefix
require "./";
$arg=shift @ARGV;
$arg eq "-x64" and $isx64=1;
($funclist, $rtype, $ptypes)=ReadAPIFuncs();
print <<EOF;
from reaper_python import *
sub PyType
my ($t)=@_;
$t eq "void" and return "None";
($t eq "bool" || $t eq "char") and return "c_byte";
IsInt($t) and return "c_int";
$t eq "float" and return "c_float";
$t eq "double" and return "c_double";
IsString($t) and return "c_char_p";
IsPlainDataPtr($t) and return "c_void_p";
IsOpaquePtr($t) and return ($isx64 ? "c_uint64" : "c_uint"); # includes void*
die "unknown type $t";
sub PyPack
my ($t, $v)=@_;
IsPlainData($t) and return sprintf "%s(%s)", PyType($t), $v;
($t eq "const char*" && $v ne "bytestr") and return sprintf "rpr_packsc(%s)", $v;
($t eq "const char*" && $v eq "bytestr") and return sprintf "c_char_p(%s)", $v;
$t eq "char*" and return sprintf "rpr_packs(%s)", $v;
# todo handle char**
IsPlainDataPtr($t) and return sprintf "%s(%s)", PyType(UnderlyingType($t)), $v;
IsOpaquePtr($t) and return sprintf "rpr_packp('%s',%s)", $t, $v;
die "unknown type $t";
sub PyUnpack
my ($t, $ov, $v)=@_;
(IsPlainData($t) || IsOpaquePtr($t) || $t eq "const char*") and return $ov;
$t eq "char*" and return sprintf "rpr_unpacks(%s)", $v;
# todo handle char**
($t eq "bool*" || IsInt(UnderlyingType($t))) and return sprintf "int(%s.value)", $v;
($t eq "float*" || $t eq "double*") and return sprintf "float(%s.value)", $v;
IsPlainDataPtr($t) and return PyUnpack(UnderlyingType($t), $v);
die "unknown type $t";
sub PyRetUnpack
my ($t, $v)=@_;
$t eq "const char*" and return sprintf "str(%s.decode())", $v;
IsOpaquePtr($t) and return sprintf "rpr_unpackp('%s',%s)", $t, $v;
return $v;
foreach $fname (@$funclist)
$fname eq "ValidatePtr" and next;
$fname eq "GetAudioAccessorSamples" and next;
# remove this to test python export (if _TEST_REASCRIPT_EXPORT is #define'd in ReaScript.cpp)
if ($fname =~ /^SNM_test/)
push @proto, PyType($rtype->{$fname});
foreach $t (split(",", $ptypes->{$fname}))
($t ne "const char*") and $t =~ s/const //;
push @inparms, "p$i";
push @proto, PyType($t);
push @pack, PyPack($t, "p$i");
push @cparms, (IsPlainDataPtr($t) && !IsString($t) ? "byref(t[$i])" : "t[$i]");
push @unpack, PyUnpack($t, "p$i", "t[$i]");
IsPlainDataPtr($t) and $byref=1;
$isvoid=($rtype->{$fname} eq "void");
printf "def $fname(%s):\n", join(",", @inparms);
printf " a=rpr_getfp('$fname')\n"; # errors out if key does not exist
printf " f=CFUNCTYPE(%s)(a)\n", join(",", @proto);
@pack and printf " t=(%s%s)\n", join(",", @pack), (@pack == 1 ? ",": "");
printf " %sf(%s)\n", ($isvoid ? "" : "r="), join(",", @cparms);
if ($byref)
$isvoid or unshift @unpack, PyRetUnpack($rtype->{$fname}, "r");
printf " return (%s)\n", join(",", @unpack);
elsif (!$isvoid)
printf " return %s\n", PyRetUnpack($rtype->{$fname}, "r");
print "\n";
print STDERR "Parsed " . @$funclist . " functions\n";
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