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URL utilities with Relude


ReludeURL contains data structures and functions for dealing with URIs, URLs, etc. This library is not currently fully conformant to the RFC 3986 URI spec - it only parses a subset of common absolute URI formats, i.e. formats that are most commonly found in the wild. If you encounter a URI that ReludeURL can't parse correctly, please open an issue with the URI for consideration.

Component types

A URI is broken up into several sub-component types, including Scheme, Authority, UserInfo, Path, etc.


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ReludeURL uses ReludeParse to parse URIs. To run a URI parser, you use the standard convention for running a ReludeParse parser, like below:

ReludeURL.URI.parser |> ReludeParse.runParser("") // Belt.Result.Ok(URI(...))


Once a URI is parsed or constructed, it's often useful to write it back out to a string: // http


Parts of the URI can be manipulated using the functions from the target part of the URI. A common operation is to manipulate the query params - this can be done using functions in the URI module, or in the Query/QueryParam/etc. modules.

Developer info


> npm run clean
> npm run build
> npm run cleanbuild
> npm run test
> npm run cleantest
> npm run coverage
> npm run cleancoverage
> npm run watch

Publish to npm

> npm version major|minor|patch
> git push origin --follow-tags
> git push upstream --follow-tags
> npm publish
# Create release on GitHub


A simple default.nix shell config is provided to avoid issues with OCaml-based binaries and bs-platform.

> nix-shell
%nix%> npm install