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Suite of regression tests for Rebol (R2 and R3)
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fixtures Add tests for UCS4 LE/BE decoding (cc#2186)
.gitattributes Improve .gitattributes config & comment to be explicit about the effects
LICENSE Add licence
README.mkd Fix typo in README
bench.r3 Update %bench.r3
catch-any.r Whitespace police: remove trailing whitespace
flags.r * Date fields removed from file headers (causing just editing conflicts)
line-numberq.r Update boilerplates.
log-diff.r Whitespace police: remove trailing whitespace
log-filter.r Update boilerplates.
run-recover.r Update boilerplates.
run-tests.r assume that %include.r and %run-tests.r are in the same directory
test-framework.r add a click-and-run run-tests.r script
test-parsing.r Rule formatting
tests.html improve the wording
tests.mdp improve the wording


This project's primary goal is to build and maintain a suite of regression tests for both REBOL 2 and REBOL 3. It also comes with a test framework built for this purpose, the details of which are described in the test framework documentation.

The test suite itself as well as the test framework are Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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