Ready-to-use cloud-config file for the AeroFS appliance.
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AeroFS Docker

AeroFS on Docker with CoreOS

This repository contains a cloud-config.yml file that can be used to launch the AeroFS Private Cloud Appliance in one click on the hosting platform of your choice. The only requirement is that CoreOS must be supported by your hosting platform (CoreOS is supported by most public cloud hosting platforms, including AWS, DigitalOcean and Azure).

When booting using cloud config, a web interface should become available on http://<ip>. Installation progress can be monitored by visiting the web interface.

Note that, due to the registry compatibility issue described in the following section, CoreOS 1520.9.0 is the last version that will be able to run this script out-of-the-box. Newer releases need to be configured to use Docker 1.12.

AeroFS On Docker, Generally

This repository also contains an file that can be used to launch the AeroFS Private Cloud Appliance on any x86_64 system that supports Docker 1.7. It has been tested with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Note that, at this time, the AeroFS docker images are hosted on a private Docker registry v1. Support for v1 registry was dropped from Docker 1.13, which means that, although the images themselves should work perfectly fine with newer versions of Docker, this script will only work with Docker 1.12.6 or older.

When booting using the script, please note the script will run in the foreground (but can be daemonized). Once the script completes the Dockerized installation, it will print Running on Now you just need to point your Web browser to your machine's IP address to begin setting up your appliance.

Best Practices

The host machine should preferably be running only AeroFS and nothing else as AeroFS Private Cloud Appliance can be resource-intensive under heavy usages.

Please check out the list of ports used by the AeroFS Private Cloud Appliance. The host machine needs to reserve these ports for the AeroFS Private Cloud Appliance and ensure the firewall is allowing traffic to these ports.


For more information on how to launch the AeroFS Private Cloud appliance using cloud-init, please consult our support documentation. For support please contact us at