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Tekton Pipelines

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Tekton Pipelines extension provides an end-to-end developer experience for interaction with Tekton.

Using this extension:

Getting Started


For more detail information around specific commands & features, please read the plugin features detailed guide.


Follow Tekton Pipeline Extension tutorial inspired by original tutorial that uses OpenShift Developer Console, tkn and oc command line tools.


Tekton Pipelines extension supports a number of commands & actions for interacting with Tekton Pipelines; these are accessible via the command menu (Cmd+Shift+P ⌘⇧P on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P ⌃⇧P on Windows and Linux) and may be bound to keys in the normal way.

  • Tekton: About - Provides the tkn tool version.
  • Tekton: Show Output Channel - Shows commands running under the hood and their output.
  • Tekton: Refresh View - Refreshes the Tekton Pipeline View.

Actions available for a Tekton Pipeline/Task/ClusterTask

  • Pipeline -> Start - Start a Pipeline with user indicated resources, parameters and service account.
  • Pipeline -> Restart - Restart the last Pipeline run.
  • Pipeline/Task/ClusterTask -> List - List all Pipelines in a Cluster.
  • Pipeline -> Describe - Prints the JSON of a selected Pipeline.
  • Pipeline/Task/ClusterTask -> Delete - Delete the selected Pipeline.

Actions available for a Tekton PipelineRun

  • PipelineRun/TaskRun -> List - List all PipelineRuns/TaskRuns in a Pipeline/Task
  • PipelineRun/TaskRun -> Describe - Describe the selected PipelineRun/TaskRun
  • PipelineRun/TaskRun -> Logs - Print Logs from the selected PipelineRun/TaskRun
  • PipelineRun/TaskRun -> Delete - Delete the selected PipelineRun/TaskRun
  • PipelineRun -> Cancel - Cancel the selected PipelineRun

Icons Representation

Pipeline Node
Task Node
ClusterTask Node
PipelineResource Node
PipelineRun/TaskRun Running
PipelineRun Failed
TaskRun Failed
Condition Failed
PipelineRun Pending
TaskRun Pending
Condition Pending

Extension Configuration Settings

  • Tekton Pipelines: Show Channel On Output - Show Tekton Pipelines output channel when new text added to output stream.
  • Tekton Pipelines: Output verbosity level - Output verbosity level (value between 0 and 9) for Tekton Pipeline Start, Push and Watch commands in output channel and integrated terminal.
  • Tekton Pipelines: Show reference resource notification - Enable/disable to check Task and ClusterTask Reference Resource.
  • Tekton Pipelines: Show logs on pipeline start - Show pipelineRun follow logs while starting pipeline.


CLI Tools

  • This extension uses the Tekton CLI: tkn.
  • This extension is designed to work with Tekton Pipelines 0.11+.

Note: We support v1beta1 API. Previous version v1alpha1 may work, but we cannot guarantee that all features will work properly. If you have v1alpha1 pipelines/tasks please use migrating document to migrate to v1beta1.

Release notes

See the change log.


This is an open source project open to anyone. This project welcomes contributions and suggestions!

For information on getting started, refer to the CONTRIBUTING instructions.

Download the most recent tekton-pipelines-<version>.vsix file and install it by following the instructions here.


If you discover an issue please file a bug and we will fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to chat with us, you can contact us on the #ide-integration channel of the tektoncd Slack. Please click this link to join the tektoncd Slack.


MIT, See LICENSE for more information.

Data and telemetry

The Red Hat OpenShift Toolkit for Visual Studio Code collects anonymous usage data and sends it to Red Hat servers to help improve our products and services. Read our privacy statement to learn more. This extension respects the redhat.telemetry.enabled setting which you can learn more about at