Android Framework for reading and validation of identification documents
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Regula Document Reader (Android version)

Regula Document Reader SDK allows you to read various kinds of identification documents, passports, driving licenses, ID cards, etc. All processing is performed completely offline on your device. No any data leaving your device.

You can use native camera to scan the documents or image from gallery for extract all data from it.

We have provided a simple application that demonstrates the API calls you can use to interact with the DocumentReader Library. Just take me to the notes!

How to build demo application

  1. Get trial license for demo application at (regula.license file).
  2. Clone current repository using command git clone
  3. Download and install latest JDK.
  4. Download and install latest Android Studio.
  5. Copy file regula.license to DocumentReader-sample/app/src/main/res/raw folder.
  6. Launch Android Studio and select Open an existing Android Studio project then select DocumentReader-sample project in file browser.
  7. Download additional files proposed by Android Studio to build project (build tools, for example).
  8. Change application ID to specified during registration of your license key at (com.regula.documentreader by default).
  9. Select appropriate build variant and run application.

How to add DocumentReader library to your project

DocumentReader libraries are available in our Maven repository. To install them, simply add the following lines to your project build.gradle

implementation ('com.regula.documentreader:api:+@aar'){
	transitive = true

And one of library depend on functionality which you want and license abilities:

Loading Full library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.fullrfid:core:+@aar'


implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.full:core:+@aar'

Loading Core library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.core:core:+@aar'

Loading Bounds library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.bounds:core:+@aar'

Loading Barcode library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.barcode:core:+@aar'

Loading MRZ library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.mrz:core:+@aar'

Loading MRZ-Barcode library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.barcodemrz:core:+@aar'

Loading MRZ-RFID library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.mrzrfid:core:+@aar'

Loading OCR library edition:

implementation 'com.regula.documentreader.ocrandmrz:core:+@aar'

Loading Bank Card library edition:

implementation ''

Troubleshooting license issues

If you have issues with license verification when running the application, please verify that next is true:

  1. OS you are using is the same as in the license you received (Android).
  2. Application ID is the same that you specified for license.
  3. Date and time on the device you are trying to run the application is correct and inside the license validity period.
  4. You are using the latest release of the SDK.
  5. You placed the license into the correct folder as described here How to build demo application (DocumentReader-sample/app/src/main/res/raw).


You can find documentation on API here.

Additional information

Use Wiki to get more details. If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact us or create issue here.

To use our SDK in your own app you will need to purchase commercial license.