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FastCP is a modern, fast, and secure control panel to run multiple PHP websites on an Ubuntu server.

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FastCP is an open source control panel for Ubuntu servers. You can use FastCP to deploy and manage multiple PHP / WordPress websites on a single server. ServerPilot's simplicity and powerful features are the inspiration behind FastCP's development. Moreover, I have developed this control panel as the final project of my CS50 online course.


  • Host multiple websites on a single server
  • Create multiple SSH users
  • Sub users can manage their websites
  • Limit on websites and databases for sub users
  • Auto WordPress deploy
  • Fully isolated user data using ACLs
  • NGINX reverse proxy on Apache for performance + htaccess support
  • Multiple PHP versions support. Change PHP version per website with a single click
  • Auto SSLs from Let's Encrypt with auto renewal


FastCP only supports the latest LTS versions of Ubuntu starting 20.04. Please beware although it will run on non-LTS releases too, but we have imposed a strict requirement of LTS releases only. At the moment, FastCP supports the following Ubuntu releases:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

How to Install?

You can visit to install FastCP on your server or you can execute the following command as root user on your Ubuntu server:

cd /home && sudo curl -o latest && sudo bash latest

How to Update?

To update FastCP to latest version, execute this command as root user:

cd ~/ && sudo fastcp-updater