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= Textile Editor v0.3

Textile Editor is a gem for Ruby on Rails to add a textile toolbar to textareas

== Dependency

To use Textile Editor you must be using either the Prototype or jQuery JavaScript libraries. If using Prototype, the Textile Editor starts up on the 'dom:loaded' custom event. If using jQuery, it uses the $(document).ready() method.

== Installation

Directions to get the helper up and running for your install:

	1. run rake textile_editor_helper:install
	2. for the textarea(s) that you want to add the TEH toolbar to replace the text area tag with:

		<% form_for(:user, :url => user_path(@user), :html => { :method => :put }) do |f| %>
	  	<%= f.textile_editor :description %>
    <% end %>

		<%= form_tag :controller => "users", :action => "edit", :id => %>
			<%= textile_editor :user, "website" %>
		<%= textile_editor_tag 'description', :description -%> 
		**just like writing a text area tag, same options**

	3. at the end of your form put in the following code:

		<%= textile_editor_initialize -%> **Important!**
		If using jQuery, do textile_editor_initialize(:framework => :jquery)

	4. save your view and check it out

== Simple vs. Extended

TEH has a built-in mode to show only a sub-selection of available tags called simple. Currently the 'simple' tags are: bold, underline, italic, strikethrough. To create a text area that will only use the 'simple' tags create your text area with the following code:

	<%= textile_editor 'object', 'field', :simple -%>

== To modify Textile Editor

Most of the options that you might want to modify (e.g. access keystroke or whether a tag is available in simple) are found in textile_editor_config.js. Pretty straightforward.

== License

Textile Editor is released under the MIT license.

= Credits

Textile Editor is based off the Textile Editor Helper created by Dave Olsen (Javascript) and Chris Scharf
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