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Upload from CLI, share with browsers.


upd is a file upload service to quickly share files through http(s) supporting different storage backend (filesystem and Amazon S3).

The server provides a simple API to easily allow the creation of clients and a command-line client is also provided in this repository.


  • Storages backend : Filesystem, Amazon S3
  • Daemon listening to receive files
  • Daemon serving files (with resize feature on images)
  • TTL for expiration of files.
  • Tags on files + search by tags API
  • Delete link
  • HTTPs
  • Secret shared key between client / server
  • Get last uploaded files
  • Routine job cleaning the expired files

How to use


First, you need to use the excellent dependency system gom:

go get

Then, in the main directory of upd

gom install

to setup the dependencies.

Start the daemon

Normal server

To start the server:

gom build bin/server/server.go

Available flags for the server executable:

-c="server.conf": Path to a configuration file.

The configuration file is well-documented.

Docker server

upd daemon is ready to be launched with Docker. You must first build the docker container, in the upd directory :

docker build -t upd .

It'll build the upd server docker container. What you must know:

  • The ENTRYPOINT docker has been binded on the configuration file /etc/upd/server.conf, this way, by using a volume, you can provide your configuration file.
  • Don't forget to bind a volume for the data directory if you're using the filesystem storage backend. If you don't do so, you'll lost your data when the docker will be stopped/restarted.

Example of how to launch the upd container (with the server.conf in your host /home/user/) :

docker run --rm -ti -v /home/user:/etc/upd -v /home/user/data:/tmp -p 9000:9000 upd

A upd.service is available in the repository as an example to use systemd to manage the lifecycle of the docker container in the system.

Upload a file with the client

Now that the server is up and running, you can upload files with this command:

gom build bin/client/client.go
./client file1 file2 file3 ...

it'll return the URL to share/delete the uploaded files. Example:

$ ./client --keep -ttl=4h
For file :
URL: http://localhost:9000/upd/
Delete URL: http://localhost:9000/upd/
Available until: 2015-01-24 23:01:18.452801595 +0100 CET

Available flags for the client executable:

-search-tags="": Search by tags. If many, must be separated by a comma, an 'or' operator is used. Ex: "may,screenshot".
-ca="none": For HTTPS support: none / filename of an accepted CA / unsafe (doesn't check the CA)
-key="": A shared secret key to identify the client.
-tags="": Tag the files. Ex: -tags="screenshot,may"
-ttl="": TTL after which the file expires, ex: 30m. Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h"
-url="http://localhost:9000/upd": The upd server to contact.


Upload from the command-line, share with your browsers.




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