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@mjackson mjackson released this 19 Jul 18:01
· 739 commits to main since this release

New Features

Improved Networking Options

When using the new v2_dev server, the --scheme and --host options have been deprecated and replaced with the REMIX_DEV_ORIGIN environment variable. For more information, refer to the v2 dev server docs (#6724)

ESBuild metafiles

For bundle analysis, the esbuild metafiles are now written to your server build directory (build/ by default) and can be uploaded to for analysis (#6772):

  • metafile.css.json
  • metafile.js.json (browser JS)
  • metafile.server.json (server JS)

New serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill Config Option

When building for non-Node.js server platforms, you can now control which polyfills are included (or disbale them entirely) by setting serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill in remix.config.js (#6814, #6859, #6877).

// Disable all polyfills
exports.serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill = { modules: {} };

// Enable specific polyfills
exports.serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill = {
  modules: {
    crypto: true, // Provide a JSPM polyfill
    fs: "empty", // Provide an empty polyfill

⚠️ Note that this behavior will be changing in v2. In v1, Remix will polyfill a certain set of modules for you if you do not specify serverNodeBuiltinsPolyfill. In v2, Remix will no longer include polyfills by default. You can prepare for your eventual migration by explicitly setting this config value in your v1 app.

Other Notable Changes

  • Exclude unimplemented polyfills from server build for non-Node.js server platforms (#6814)
  • Ignore missing react-dom/client for react 17 (#6725)
  • Warn if not using v2_dev (#6818)
    • Rename --no-restart to --manual to match intention and documentation
    • --no-restart remains an alias for --manual in v1 for backwards compatibility
  • Ignore errors when killing already dead processes (#6773)
  • Fix sourcemaps for v2_dev (#6762)
  • Do not clear screen when dev server starts (#6719)
    • On some terminal emulators, "clearing" only scrolls the next line to the top, while on others it erases the scrollback
    • Instead, let users call clear themselves (clear && remix dev) if they want to clear
  • Always rewrite css-derived assets during builds (#6837)
  • Fix router race condition for HMR (#6767)
  • Properly handle ?_data HTTP/Network errors that don't reach the Remix server and ensure they bubble to the ErrorBoundary (#6783)
  • Support proper hydration of Error subclasses such as ReferenceError/TypeError in development mode (#6675)
  • Properly return a 404 for a ?_data request that doesn't match any routes (#6820)
  • Narrowed the type of fetcher.formEncType to use FormEncType from react-router-dom instead of string (#6810)
  • Deferred promises that return undefined/void now surface a serialization error (#6793)
  • Avoid re-prefetching stylesheets for active routes during a revalidation (#6679)
  • Add generic type for useRouteLoaderData() (#5157)
  • Submitted empty file inputs are now correctly parsed out as empty File instances instead of being surfaced as an empty string via request.formData() (via @remix-run/web-fetch@4.3.5) (#6816)
  • Added some missing react-router-dom exports to @remix-run/react (createPath, matchPath, etc.) (#6856)
  • Updated React Router dependencies:

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