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Collection of DocBook writing utilities & style(s)
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[DocBook kit] (


This is a collection of scripts and Makefiles to help creating DocBook documents.



To use this kit, put it in the directory of your DocBook project, and have a look at the example/ dir to see how to use it in your project.


  • The Makefile include automatically downloads DocBook if necessary, and automatically builds your project (and its depended-on files). If you want to avoid downloading all tools if you already have them in another project that uses the docbook-kit, just create a docbook softlink to the docbook dir in your other project.

    The makefile provides the following commands:

    • make: Create HTML and PDF versions (if FOP is available) of the document
    • make html: Create a HTML version of the document
    • make pdf: Create a PDF version of the document
    • make epub: Create an EPUB version of the document
      • make wordpress: Create a PHP file that integrates with a WordPress blog
    • make txt: Create a text version of the document
    • make clean: Clean up all generated files
    • make check-document: Validates the document syntax
    • make check-spelling: Checks the spelling of the document
    • make check-quotes: Checks for correct usage of curly quotes
    • make check-braces: Checks for correctly balanced braces
    • make check-ulinks: Checks whether the URIs pointed to by elements are valid.
    • make package: Creates a tarball of your document. The package contains a flattened version of the DocBook sources, and normalized figure names.

If you want to use custom fonts in your style sheets, drop the .ttf or .pfm file in the fonts/ directory.

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