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Node utility to inline images, CSS and JavaScript for a web page - useful for mobile sites
Latest commit 0ddff88 Apr 20, 2016 @remy fix: local content should use fs for inlining
The issue here was that although the "simple" detection was in place if the URL looked like HTML (i.e. has an angle bracket in it), but it didn't ever set the `isFile` flag.

This fix corrects this, but also swallows ENOENT errors, to mirror >=400 response codes being swallowed (i.e. return an empty body).

Fixes #89


Turns your web page to a single HTML file with everything inlined - perfect for appcache manifests on mobile devices that you want to reduce those http requests.

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What it does

  • Get a list of all the assets required to drive the page: CSS, JavaScript, images, videos and images used in CSS
  • Minify JavaScript (via uglify-js)
  • Strips white from CSS
  • Base64 encode images and videos
  • Puts everything back together as a single HTML file with a simplfied doctype


Install the inliner utility via npm:

$ npm install -g inliner


If you have either installed via npm or put the inliner bin directory in your path, then you can use inliner via the command line as per:


This will output the inlined markup with default options. You can see more options on how to disable compression or how not to base64 encode images using the help:

inliner --help

To use inline inside your own script:

var Inliner = require('inliner');

new Inliner('', function (error, html) {
  // compressed and inlined HTML page


var inliner = new Inliner('');

inliner.on('progress', function (event) {
}).on('end', function (html) {
  // compressed and inlined HTML page

Once you've inlined the crap out of the page, add the manifest="self.appcache" to the html tag and create an empty file called self.appcache (read more).


  • Collapses all white space in HTML (except inside <pre> elements)
  • Strips all HTML comments
  • Pulls JavaScript and CSS inline to HTML
  • Compresses JavaScript via uglify (if not compressed already)
  • Converts all images and videos to based64 data urls, inline images, video poster images and CSS images
  • Imports all @import rules from CSS (recusively)
  • Applies media query rules (for print, tv, etc media types)
  • Leaves conditional comments in place
  • If JavaScript can't be imported (or is Google Analytics), source is not put inline

Limitations / Caveats

  • Whitespace compression might get a little heavy handed - all whitespace is collapsed from n spaces to 1 space.

Filing issues & PRs

Please see the contributing for guidelines.

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