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Among available libraries, only rightjs doesn't support https.

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JS Console

A JavaScript web console, useful for quick experimentation, debugging, presentations (for live coding) and workshops.


  • Remote device debugging using "listen" command (more info)
  • Resizable font (yep, biggest issue with Firebug in workshops)
  • Autocomplete in WebKit desktop browsers
  • Shift + up/down for bigger console
  • Save history (based on session)
  • Add support for loading in a DOM (YQL - I thank you again)
  • Permalink to individual executions

Hosting jsconsole yourself

This requires that you install node.js. Once installed, download this project (or clone it using git) and inside the new jsconsole directory run:

npm install

This will install the dependencies (in particular 1.8.x version of connect.js).

Once installed, run (on port 8000):

node .

Or to run on a specific port (like 8080):

PORT=8080 node .

Then check your own ip address of the machine it's running on (using ipconfig for windows or ifconfig for mac and linux). Then on the mobile phone, just visit that IP address and port you're running jsconsole on:

jsconsole running locally