Laravel GitScrum is a free application to task management of the day-to-day. Git + Scrum = Team More Productive
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Laravel GitScrum

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Laravel GitScrum is a free application developed in Laravel 5.3. The aim is help the developer teams to use Git and Scrum on task management of the day-to-day.


GitScrum can be integrated with Github or Gitlab.

  • Product Backlog contains the Product Owner's assessment of business value

  • User Story is a description consisting of one or more sentences in the everyday or business language that captures what a user does or needs to do as part of his or her job function.

    Features: Acceptance criteria, prioritization using MoSCoW, definition of done checklist, pie chart, assign labels, team members, activities, comments and issues.

  • Sprint Backlog is the property of the development team and all included estimates are provided by development team. Often an accompanying sprint planning is the board used to see and change state of the issues.

    Features: Sprint planning using Kanban board, burndown chart, definition done checklist, effort, attachments, activities, comments and issues.

  • Issue is added in user story to one sprint backlog, or directly in sprint backlog. Generally, each issue should be small enough to be easily completed within a single day.

    Features: Progress state (e.g. to do, in progress, done or archived), issue type (e.g. Improvement, Support Request, Feedback, Customer Problem, UX, Infrastructure, Testing Task, etc...), definition of done checklist, assign labels, effort, attachments, comments, activities, team members.


The requirements to Laravel GitScrum application is:

  • PHP - Supported Versions: PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0 or HHVM
  • Webserver: Nginx or Apache
  • Database: MySQL, or Maria DB

Use Docker - Containers: php7, nginx and mysql57

Composer Package

$ composer create-project renatomarinho/laravel-gitscrum --stability=dev --keep-vcs
$ cd laravel-gitscrum

Important: If you have not yet installed composer: Installation - Linux / Unix / OSX

Git Clone

$ git clone
$ cd laravel-gitscrum
$ composer update
$ composer run-script post-root-package-install


Important: If you have not the .env file in root folder, you must copy or rename the .env.example to .env

Application URL

.env file

APP_URL=http://yourdomain.tld (you must use protocol http or https)


.env file


Remember: Create the database for GitScrum before run artisan command.

php artisan migrate --seed


You must create a new Github App, visit GitHub's New OAuth Application page, fill out the form, and grab your Client ID and Secret.

Application name: gitscrum
Homepage URL: URL (Same as APP_URL at .env)
Application description: gitscrum
Authorization callback URL: http://{URL is the SAME APP_URL}/auth/provider/github/callback

.env file



You must create a new Gitlab App, visit Gitlab new application, fill out the form, and grab your Application ID and Secret.

name: gitscrum
Redirect URI: http://{URL is the SAME APP_URL}/auth/provider/gitlab/callback
Scopes: api and read_user

.env file

GITLAB_KEY=XXXXX -> Application Id


.env file



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Database schema

Screenshot 1

Questions and issues

The github issue tracker is only for bug reports and feature requests. Anything else, such as questions for help in using the Laravel Gitscrum, should be posted in StackOverflow under tag gitscrum.

Do you need help?

Renato Marinho: Facebook / LinkedIn / Skype: renatomarinho13


Contributions are always welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines first.

    Create an issue and describe your idea
    Fork it
    Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
    Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
    Publish the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
    Create a new Pull Request


Laravel GitScrum is licensed under the GPL v3 license.