Build system for iOS dependencies.
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renpytom Merge pull request #4 from pmdevita/fribidi
Switched Fribidi's URL to renpy-deps
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buildlib Do not update Info.plist. Dec 15, 2016
prototype Add new modules to inittab.c. Feb 4, 2018
.gitignore Import the iossupport module on startup. Jun 13, 2015
.travis.yml Travis: Ensure autoconf and automake are present. Apr 25, 2014 Update copyright years. Apr 22, 2014 Build openssl. Nov 5, 2017 Parameterize copy_renpy with a game path. Mar 5, 2015 Append the pyobjus and pygame modules to the python inittab. Dec 9, 2014 Add the ability to create iOS projects. Dec 31, 2014 Tools to scale various images. Jan 11, 2015 Generate launch images that match the way presplash is displayed. Jan 12, 2015