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forked from michenriksen/gitrob

Reconnaissance tool for GitHub organizations

Updated Oct 16, 2015


forked from SonarSource/sonarqube

Put your technical debt under control

Updated May 14, 2014


forked from aws/opsworks-cookbooks

Chef Cookbooks for the AWS OpsWorks Service

Updated Aug 27, 2013


forked from BBC-News/wraith

Wraith — A screenshot comparison tool

Updated Jul 31, 2013

Python 0 96


forked from bslatkin/dpxdt

Make continuous deployment safe by comparing before and after webpage screenshots for each release. Depicted shows when any visual, perceptual differences are found. This is the ultimate, automated end-to-end test.

Updated Jul 29, 2013


forked from jlund/mazer-rackham

Sample Ansible Playbook for Rack applications that installs Nginx, Passenger, Ruby 1.9.3 + the Falcon Patch, Bundler, and git. It also demonstrates how to deploy a sample Rack application using Ansible.

Updated Jul 22, 2013

Scheme 0 9


forked from jlund/salt-rack

Sample Rack application Salt States that will install Nginx, Passenger, Ruby 1.9.3 + the Falcon Patch, Bundler, and git. They also demonstrate how to deploy a sample Rack application using Salt.

Updated Jul 9, 2013


forked from elastic/elasticsearch

Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

Updated Aug 22, 2012

JavaScript 0 285


forked from rashidkpc/kibana2

A log analyzing web interface for logstash and elasticsearch

Updated Aug 21, 2012

Groovy 1 416


forked from Netflix/asgard

Web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Updated Jun 25, 2012


forked from sensu/sensu

A monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, and scalable.

Updated Jun 1, 2012


forked from travis-ci/travis-ci

A distributed build system for the open source community.

Updated May 17, 2012

JavaScript 1 1,329


forked from etsy/statsd

Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation

Updated May 16, 2012


forked from apache/buildr

Mirror of Apache Buildr

Updated Mar 11, 2012

Python 1 73


forked from apenwarr/redo

Smaller, easier, more powerful, and more reliable than make. An implementation of djb's redo.

Updated Feb 9, 2012

Shell 1 77


forked from Netflix/aws-autoscaling

Tools and Documentation about using Auto Scaling

Updated Jan 12, 2012


forked from defunkt/repl

sometimes you need a repl

Updated Nov 22, 2011

Python 1 1


forked from trac-hacks/evidencetracplugin

Plugin that adds Evidence Based Scheduling essentials into your trac

Updated Nov 3, 2011

JavaScript 2 142


forked from etsy/deployinator


Updated Sep 30, 2011


forked from Cue/scales

scales - Metrics for Python

Updated Sep 20, 2011

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