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Library containing high-performance datastructures and utilities for C++
C++ C

Arenas and misc wrappers

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Robert Escriva authored
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benchmarks Change the FIFO benchmarks.
e Arenas and misc wrappers
stress Move the lf hash map stress tester out of the way.
.gitignore Update .gitignore
.tarballignore Add a tarballignore file.
LICENSE e is a collection of abstractions I find useful. Arenas and misc wrappers
README Add a README describing the project.
THIRD-PARTY Grab lookup3.c Arenas and misc wrappers 32 bit atomics! (with credit to Google Perftools) Bump dev version Initialize heap in thread_state_node Increase dep on libpo6 to latest An append-only hash map.
lookup3.c An append-only hash map.
memmem.h Whitespace fixes Efficiently collect sequential numbers and track the lower bound Utilities for slice Update wanal and th
th.h Update th to 604660bfda3d4e330a7452c898970aef27403fd1 Separate the unpacker from buffer Add varint encoding


This is a library I use as a deposit for all the useful code snippets I use that
make it easier to write robust applications quickly.
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