Java DSL for easy testing of REST services
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REST Assured

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Testing and validation of REST services in Java is harder than in dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy. REST Assured brings the simplicity of using these languages into the Java domain.


  • 2018-10-19: REST Assured 3.2.0 is released. This release adds support for Java 11 and OSGi. It also includes support for Spring Webflux by using the new spring-web-test-client module. Please see release notes and getting started guide for more details.
  • 2018-10-05: Johan blogs on how to configure REST Assured to log to disk instead of to the console. You can find the blog post here. Also added info about this to the FAQ.
  • 2018-08-17: REST Assured 3.1.1 is released with bug fixes and improvements. See change log for details.

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Here's an example of how to make a GET request and validate the JSON or XML response:

get("/lotto").then().assertThat().body("lotto.lottoId", equalTo(5));

Get and verify all winner ids:

get("/lotto").then().assertThat().body("", hasItems(23, 54));

Using parameters:

    param("key1", "value1").
    param("key2", "value2").

Using X-Path (XML only):

    params("firstName", "John", "lastName", "Doe").

Need authentication? REST Assured provides several authentication mechanisms:

given().auth().basic(username, password).when().get("/secured").then().statusCode(200);

Getting and parsing a response body:

// Example with JsonPath
String json = get("/lotto").asString()
List<String> winnderIds = from(json).get("");
// Example with XmlPath
String xml = post("/shopping").andReturn().body().asString()
Node category = from(xml).get("shopping.category[0]");

REST Assured supports any HTTP method but has explicit support for POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH and HEAD and includes specifying and validating e.g. parameters, headers, cookies and body easily.


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