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RESTX SHELL - Command Line Interface for RestX projects

RESTX Shell is a command line interface (CLI) for managing restx projects, from bootstrapping to daily usages like adding a dependency.

It's licensed under the very commercial friendly Apache License 2, and is actively maintained by a community of developers.

You can get more details about RESTX from the web site at

Here you will find the build instructions if you want to build RESTX Shell yourself, and why not contribute to the project.


RESTX Shell requires Java 7.

You can build it using either Maven 2+ or EasyAnt.

With Maven:

mvn install

With EasyAnt:

easyant test package

To test current version of the shell, build it then :

  • Move to restx-package directory
  • Run the script which will install a development restx-shell distribution into your restx-package/target/restx/ directory.
  • Create a RESTX_OPTS environment variable with debug properties, such as :
    export RESTX_OPTS="-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=y,address=8001"
    and run the restx-package/target/restx/restx executable : you will then be able to debug a running shell.

Changing dependencies

The sources for module descriptors are the md.restx.json files located in each module, and the for the dependencies version.

Maven poms and EasyAnt Ivy files are generated from these files using restx build generate pom + build generate ivy.

Project organisation

RESTX Shell is decomposed in a set of modules, each one following the traditional Java project layout (main sources in src/main, test sources in src/test).

The main modules are restx-shell, restx-build and restx-shell-manager.

RESTX Shell is a plugin-oriented shell with currently 3 main plugins : restx-core-shell, restx-build-shell and restx-specs-shell.

Here is a brief summary of each module:

  • restx-shell: The pluggable shell.
  • restx-shell-manager: Plugin to manage the shell: install plugins, upgrade shell version.
  • restx-build: The very simple tool which generates POM / Ivy files from md.restx.json files
  • restx-core-shell: Plugin providing RESTX core support in the shell: app comilation and running, ...
  • restx-build-shell: Plugin prodividing build support in the shell, especially to generate POM/Ivy files from md.restx.json files.
  • restx-specs-shell: Plugin providing RESTX specs based HTTP mock server.
  • restx-package: assembly module to package the shell


Contributions are welcome, fork the repo, push your changes to a branch, build & debug it then send a Pull Request.

To be sure the PR will be merged please discuss it on the google group before, or create an issue on GitHub to initiate the discussion.


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