An opinionated React component framework for teams that move fast.
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Harmonium is a framework of React components optimized for teams that want to ship apps fast. It is a curated list of components that work together and have cohesive styles. One of our design goals is that you never have to research and handpick component packages. Whatever you need is already here.

A gallery of components is at


To install the toolkit for use in your project:

npm install --save harmonium


You can import components and use components from the toolkit like:

import Col from 'harmonium/lib/Col'
import Row from 'harmonium/lib/Row'
import Callout from 'harmonium/lib/Callout'

function Hello() {
  return (
        <Callout>Hello, world.</Callout>

See the example site at for more examples of how to use the components in your projects.


We don't just provide JavaScript. We've built a set of SCSS styles for all the components. It is in the scss directory of the package. You can either copy it into your project's SCSS directory, or use a tool like sassy-npm-importer to import it from the package.


At this time, there's no package level configuration-- all options as passed as props to the components at time of use.

Contributing and Development

See for guidance on how to develop harmonium.

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at Check out for more info.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the project. We expect contributors to adhere the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct (see


See LICENSE for details.