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DCS Rosetta

DCS Rosetta is a free application to automatically translate missions and campaigns for the DCS World flight simulator. It uses the free Yandex translation system.


Get a free Yandex translator key

You only have to do this the first time you run the program.

Go to and apply for a free API key. You will have to sign up if you haven't done so before.

Once you have the key, select and copy it, and run DCS Rosetta.

Translating missions and campaigns

Run DCSRosetta.exe and paste your Yandex key in the corresponding field. The application will save it for future use.

Load any DCS mission or campaign, select the appropriate languages and click on translate.

That's it! You just have to wait for a while.

The translated mission will have both the original and translated text inside. DCS World will load the most approapriate language based on your system settings.

How about a coffee?

Did you know a software developer is an organism that transforms caffeine into code?

This is free and open source software, but if you want to buy me some coffee I would appreciate it :)

This is my paypal:


DCS Rosetta failed when translating my mission / I found a bug!

Open an issue here at GitHub. I will do my best to fix the problem.

Why not use Google Translate?

Google provides a more sophisticated translation service but it's not completely free. I actually wrote an implementation using Google but I removed it because of the limitations imposed on free users. I want the app to be consistently working as much as possible.

Can I manually edit the mission text or fix some translations?

Yes. Just unzip the mission file like it was a zip file. Go to the I10n folder. Inside there is one folder per language. Go to the desired one and edit the dictionary file. Save the file, zip it and rename it to .miz again.

The process is similar for campaign files.

My translation is not very good, can you improve it?

Not really... DCS Rosetta just gets the translated text from Yandex. But have a look at the previous question :)

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