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MQTT plugin for watchmen

Environment Variables

The supported environment variables are listed below. The WATCHMEN_MQTT_BROKER value must be set at a minimum. These are shown with example values:

Example MQTT Message

The topic format is watchmen\<service-name>\<event-name> where the event names are:

Event Description Payload
status Service up/down 0=Down, 1=Up (integer)
serviceOk Service up latency in ms (integer)
newOutage Service just went down Failure message (string)
currentOutageMsg Service still down Failure message (string)
currentOutageLength Service still down Length of current outage (string)
failedCheck Check failed failure count (integer)
latencyWarning Latency threshold exceeded latency in ms (integer)
serviceBack Service back up Duration of downtime (string)
ipAddr Watchmen IP Address (sent at startup only) Interface Name & IP Address (string)

Example messages

watchmen/greghome/Bignion/serviceOk 4130
watchmen/greghome/Bignion/status 1
watchmen/greghome/xyzzy/failedCheck 44
watchmen/greghome/xyzzy/currentOutageMsg Invalid status code. Found: 404. Expected: 200
watchmen/greghome/xyzzy/currentOutageTimestamp 38 minutes ago

Install this Plug-in

Make sure you're first in the Watchmen directory. To install from NPM:

npm install watchmen-plugin-mqtt --save

To install from latest Github:

npm install --save

Raspberry Pi Setup Instructions

I'm running Watchmen on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian. I've written instructions on setting up Watchmen on Raspberry Pi here.