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Some more experimental and strictly OpenSource'd extensions from the original creator of Elexis. More informations at

Current branches:

  • ungrad2022 - Latest stable branch. Will always compile and work
  • master - Development branch. Will not always compile and mostly not work flawless


Prerequisites: Git, Java-sdk8, Maven 3.6.x; Linux or Windows recommended. MacOS will be a bit tricky, You'll need also the elexis-3-core and elexis-3-base already built.


git clone -b ungrad2022 elexis-3-core
cd elexis-3-core
cd ..
git clone -b ungrad2022 elexis-3-base
cd elexis-3-base
cd ..
git clone -b ungrad2022 elexis-ungrad
cd elexis-ungrad

You'll find the created repository in ungrad-p2site/target/repository. You can use this repository from a running Elexis core via 'Help-Install new Software'.


Please follow the instructions here.

Import the elexis-ungrad projects just the same way you did for the elexis-3-core and elexis-3-base projects in the same workspace. I recommend to create a separate working set "ungrad" for the ungrad projects.


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone your repository to your machine
  3. Stay in-sync with upstream.
  4. If you've made some changes of general interest, please make a pull request.