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A plugin-framework that uses C++ and STL.
C++ C Makefile


		    x3c - C++ Plugin Framework

x3c is designed as a plugin-framework that uses C++ and STL.
This framework has many frequently-used and lightweight plugins.
x3c can be used to easily develop plugins and applications for multiple platforms.

Makefile and are used to compile x3c on Linux, Mac or Unix.

projects: C++ workspace files using IDE (MS VC++, Code::Blocks + GCC, ...).
code: source code of plugins.
doc: development documents and doxygen files.
tools: some useful tools for development.

You may need to download the following files:

1. download cppunit-1.12.1 from one of the following sites, then copy cppunit's lib 
   and dll files to the folder 'code\bin\vcxx\xxx\tests'. (fix for vc6 and gcc)
   \\dampub\Tools\CodeCheck\C++\CppUnit\cppunit-1.12.1  (Founder server)

License: Apache License V2.0

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.
Email to the current maintainers may be sent to <>.
Some documents in chinese may be found at .
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