A plugin-framework that uses C++ and STL.
C++ C Makefile


		    x3c - C++ Plugin Framework

x3c is designed as a plugin-framework that uses C++ and STL.
This framework has many frequently-used and lightweight plugins.
x3c can be used to easily develop plugins and applications for multiple platforms.

Makefile and config.mk are used to compile x3c on Linux, Mac or Unix.

projects: C++ workspace files using IDE (MS VC++, Code::Blocks + GCC, ...).
code: source code of plugins.
doc: development documents and doxygen files.
tools: some useful tools for development.

You may need to download the following files:

1. download cppunit-1.12.1 from one of the following sites, then copy cppunit's lib 
   and dll files to the folder 'code\bin\vcxx\xxx\tests'.
   http://files.cnblogs.com/rhcad/cppunit-1.12.1-vc689&gcc.zip (fix for vc6 and gcc)
   \\dampub\Tools\CodeCheck\C++\CppUnit\cppunit-1.12.1  (Founder server)

License: Apache License V2.0

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.
Email to the current maintainers may be sent to <rhcad@hotmail.com>.
Some documents in chinese may be found at http://www.cnblogs.com/rhcad .