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GSAP & React Guide Samples

Dependency Status


This is a collection of samples used in the GSAP & React official guide.

This repo groups all the samples from the official GreenSock guide to animate DOM elements in a React app using GSAP and (in some cases) [React Transition Group]

Important Note

The code and bundling on this repository is not meant for production code, just development and learning purposes. If you want to deploy some part of this code into a production app, use a startup of your like, such as Create React App or other, and then include the code in that bundling environment.


Just clone the repo:

$ git clone

Or just download the ZIP file and extract it in your local machine.

Then install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Live Samples and Edit

In order to view the live samples you need to open the index.js file in the src/ folder. In it import the sample you want from the src/components/ folder and run:

$ npm start

To update the styles change the files in the src/styles/ folder. The base.css file is the one used as well... base for all the samples. Then each sample might have a specific stylesheet that's imported in the specific js file in the src/components/ folder.

import ComponentName from "./components/path-to-component";

// in the render method
  return <div>
    <ComponentName />

About the TransitionList Component.

The transition list component, obviously works with a dynamic list of elements that can be increased or reduced by user interaction. This list is passed through the props of the components in the src/index.js file and should be imported in that root file from the helpers/ folder:

import TransitionList from "./components/transition-list";
import { cards } from "./helpers/transition-group-cards";

// then in the render method of the main app
  return <div>
    <TransitionList cards={cards} />


Version 1.2.2

  • Synced article content betweent the file and the article in GreenSock's blog.

Version 1.2.1

  • Properly formatted FAQ's markdown.

Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed route in readme file.
  • Added acknowledgments in the article and readme files.
  • Created FAQ file.
  • Added sample to control state using GSAP.

Version 1.1.0

  • Fixes implicit returns in ref callbacks.
  • Adds constructor method to each sample and passes the props to the super call.
  • Fixes issues in JSX, moving attributes in long lines to an independent line each.
  • Changes sample code in the multiple elements sample, in order to remove side effects from the ref callback. Creates an array with the DOM elements and then uses that array in componentDidMount to create the timeline.

Version 1.0.0

  • Stable initial commit.

Bug Report

Just create an issue.


Create a PR and test it thoroughly before submitting it.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.



First I'd like to thank Jack Doyle (creator of GreenSock) and Carl Schooff (GreenSock's one and only Geek Ambassador) for trusting me such an important task.

Also I'd like to thank the following developers:

  • Xiaoyan Wang (Horizon Blue). A very talented React developer, while Xiaoyan doesn't have a very active social life (twitter, facebook, etc), you can follow what He does in GitHub.
  • Jason Quense. One of the maintainers of React Transition Group and part of React Bootstrap. Also collaborates in many other React-related projects. Check Jason's GitHub profile for more info.
  • Last but not least, Matija Marohnić. The most active contributor and maintainer of React Transition Group and Part of the Yeoman Team. Matija also contributes in a lot of React-related projects as well as many other open source software. Be sure to follow Matija in GitHub and Twitter.